The Biden administration introduces ‘equity action plans’ across government agencies TOU

The Biden administration introduces ‘equity action plans’ across government agencies


The Biden administration introduces ‘equity action plans’ across government agencies

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The Biden administration this week unveiled a number of strategies across all government agencies to promote ethnic equity and support “undersaved communities” to fulfill President Biden’s executive order.

On the opening day, Biden signed an order directing agencies to “include people of color and others who have historically been adversely affected by poverty and inequality.”

The Pentagon has released an ‘equity’ plan

A year later, more than 90 agencies, including all cabinet departments, unveiled their plans, outlining more than 300 strategies and action plans to make federal policies more equitable.

“Across the government, agencies are taking ambitious steps to expand federal investment and support in communities that have long been out of reach, including those of color, tribal communities, rural communities, LGBTQI + communities, people with disabilities, women and girls, and those affected by persistent poverty. The White House said.

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The Department of Homeland Security has released a plan that will cover issues ranging from naturalization, humanitarian security access, bidding on DHS contracts, countering all forms of terrorism and targeted violence, filing complaints and redressal of DHS programs and activities, airport screening and access. . Reliable travel programs.

DHS launches ‘Equity Action Plan’ for the first time

As part of the plan, DHS pledged to “identify barriers that may hinder naturalization in undersaved communities” and remove those barriers to simplify the naturalization process. In addition, DHS said it would “expand engagement” with small businesses that are owned or owned by “members of underserved communities”.

The department also said it would work to “expand gender-identification options” for certain travel programs, such as the TSA Precheck.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced that it would seek to restructure its supply chain to open up opportunities for undersaved communities. It will also promote a variety of programs aimed at helping similar communities in the area of ​​military bases, such as the American Indian Initiative and environmental efforts.

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Among other agencies, the Department of Labor is strengthening the implementation of wage and hourly security, while the Department of Housing and Urban Development is working to eliminate racial disparities in home ownership. The Environmental Protection Agency said it was developing a framework to assess the effects of pollution on undersaved communities and to help low-income families make their homes better.

The Department of Justice is improving language access to its programs to help people with limited English proficiency better report crimes, while the Department of the Interior is providing technical assistance to help Native Americans apply for grants.

The administration said the plans are “an important step forward.”

“Promoting equity is not a one-year project – it’s a generational commitment,” the White House said.

Kyle Morris of the TOU and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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