The Asian garden beetle, a pest of corn, recently discovered locally

The latest eight- to 14-day agricultural weather forecast from the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, issued Jan. 23 and for the period Jan. 31-Feb. 31. 6, has an 80-90% chance of above-normal temperatures and a near-normal, 30-40% chance of below-normal precipitation. Eric Snodgrass of Nutrien Ag Solutions says El Niño has reached its peak and we could return to La Niña later in 2024.

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Tar spot and DON in corn was a hot topic at the 10th Great Lakes Crop Summit Jan. 24 in Mount Pleasant. Marty Chilvers of Michigan State University said tar spot was not a big problem in corn for the second year in a row, due to dry weather early in the season when corn is vulnerable to infections. But ear mold due to mycotoxins and DON (deoxynivalenol) has been a big problem this year in some corn fields and varieties. DON in corn is the same disease as fusarium scab of wheat, but the infection period occurs at a different time, which corresponds to the flowering period of one or another crop. Weather and corn hybrid account for just over half of the risk factors for DON, with infection by fungal spores or insect injury at flowering and flowering time representing a higher risk . Maize varieties with the Vip3a trait contributed to protection against insects.

2024 Handy Bt Trait Table was one of two topics covered by Christina DiFonzo at the Ohio State University Corn-Soy Day at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio, on January 19. This free guide is available for field corn, and there is another one for sweet corn growers. This guide is a useful list of insect trait sets offered by commercial seed corn companies for various corn pest insects. It is available free of charge at the following address: She also distributed the new pocket guide to the Asian garden beetle, a corn pest recently discovered in Monroe County. This field guide will be distributed to interested farmers during the field crops “Agronomy Day” meeting on February 5 in…

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