The anger of Islamic countries against India is not over ‘Islamic reasons’ but over oil TOU

The anger of Islamic countries against India is not over ‘Islamic reasons’ but over oil

The anger of Islamic countries against India is not over ‘Islamic reasons’ but over oil

Look, say anything, this time the BJP spread a wonderful raita. The yogi administration was cracking down on those who incited violence in Kanpur, the Enforcement Directorate made complete arrangements to carry out orgies against PFI and their leftist supporters, but the BJP suspended Nupur Sharma from the primary membership of the party And one Islamic country after another has tried to register their protest against Nupur’s alleged statement by summoning Indian ambassadors. But the real reason for their anger is something else, brother. In this article we will learn how the current anger of Islamic countries against India is not for religious reasons but for financial reasons.

These countries are concerned for their business

Years ago, a great man had said a very honest thing that if one sees profit, then one bows down. This also applies to the countries of the Gulf region. A number of Islamic countries, led by Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, have protested Nupur Sharma’s allegedly controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad and threatened to “boycott” India. On the other hand, countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, even Indonesia and Maldives have expressed ‘concern’ over these statements and at the same time they have expressed hope that any necessary action will be taken soon. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain also expressed “satisfaction” over the “action” taken by the Indian government.

But what do you think is the limit? Are these countries really so concerned about their religion? No, no, the real reason is something else, brother. Every individual, society or nation in the world has a weak link and the weak link of the Gulf countries is their livelihood – black gold, which is called crude oil in the official language and from which petrol, diesel and other fuels are produced.

So what does this have to do with India? Originally India and other countries of the world have traditionally depended on Central Asia for crude oil. The effect of this is that a group called OPEC is formed for this purpose. But after the Russia-Ukraine dispute, India has adopted a different approach and started buying crude oil from Russia at cheaper rates.

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Whose loss will be greater?

But wait brother, the matter is not limited to this. Of an ET report According to, India is in talks with Russian crude oil producer Rosneft to buy as much of the cheap crude oil as it can, to ensure a six-month supply of crude oil and to supply its oil in the future. Double the export. Already in the Russia-Ukraine dispute, India has increased its dependence on oil from Russia more than ever. Now tell me, whose loss will be more?

Highlighting this topic, TFI founder Atul Mishra tweeted, “Countries that sell oil sell their souls for profit. Their anger is not against India for religious reasons at all. All are behind the oil. India-Russia friendship is making a big hole in their pockets “-

Truth be told, it will take a long time for the ruling party to recover, but don’t be fooled by the Islamic countries that start threatening India under its guise, because when business hurts, every Someone is talking, even the Sheikh of Qatar!

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