Tesla CEO Musk’s Twitter attempt: Trolling or real? TOU

Tesla CEO Musk’s Twitter attempt: Trolling or real?


Tesla CEO Musk’s Twitter attempt: Trolling or real?

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Will Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and most popular on social media, really buy Twitter with his unprecedented pile of plunder, as he said on Wednesday?

Looking at the past offers little help. Musk is famous for grandiose projects, and while some are widely ridiculed as absurd, others have been very successful.

They got him in trouble too. He had to pay $ 20 million for tweets that federal regulators found to be false, and has the same humor as one of the tweets that cost him money in his auction for Twitter.

When it comes to push-button, mega-billionaires talking about freedom, it is often impossible to sort out the truth from trolling.

Musk offered $ 43 billion to buy 100% stake in San Francisco-based social media company Twitter, which was documented in a regulatory filing on Wednesday, noting that it was “essential talk for democracy” and insisted that “Twitter be transformed into a private company”. . ”

Surprisingly, Musk seems to have inserted a weed joke into his attempt, which is the worst annual pot-smoking day April 20: he pays $ 54.20 per share. Only the tweet he was fined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission echoed, “I’m going to take Tesla private for $ 420” – but his infamous co-popping on podcaster Joe Rogan’s cost US taxpayers $ 5. According to Politico, NASA has spent millions on a review of SpaceX, Musk’s rocket-shipping company.

It is also certain that Musk is not a fan of restrictions on the freedom to do what he wants. His electric car company Tesla kept its Fremont car factory running for almost a week in violation of the public health order at the start of the Govt epidemic, with Musk tweeting that an “ignorant” Alameda County health official was violating “our constitutional freedoms.”

Hundreds of COVID infections followed at the plant. Tesla, according to several lawsuits it is currently fighting, allowed racist scrolling and swastikas to remain on the walls without taking any action on its facilities, and black workers accused of racist abuse by white colleagues.

In February, Tesla agreed to pay $ 275,000 for violating federal air quality laws within three years at its Fremont plant — the third time since April 2019 that Tesla has violated environmental or air quality regulations.

Musk has angered astronomers by launching thousands of satellites into orbit as part of his Starling Internet from the Sky company.

However, there is no doubt that Tesla has been the most successful pioneer in the electric car business, which continues to dominate as major automakers enter the game. Similarly, SpaceX is at the forefront of the rocket, becoming the first private company to send NASA astronauts to the International Space Station last year.

Yet Musk has announced plans to colonize Mars – even launching the Tesla Roadster in the general direction of the Red Planet – which has been widely dismissed as a foolish move. Musk’s The Boring Company has built tunnels in Las Vegas that are said to be a revolutionary infrastructure change aimed at resolving traffic congestion, but it undoubtedly worked when it was released.

The most brilliant musk project in representing the virtual inability to distinguish imagination and possibility is his “brain-machine interface” company Neuralink, with an animal testing laboratory in Fremont.

The company says Rhesus macaw implants electrodes in monkeys’ brains are an attempt to combat stroke and neurological disorders in humans – eventually allowing computer-enhanced humans to expel artificial intelligence. April 2021 Neuralink video reveals that the monkey equipped with neuralink brain electrodes can play computer game using only his mind.

Will Kasturi’s monkeys save the human race? Will his underground mines fix the world’s traffic problems? Will he one day sell apartments on Mars? Will he buy Twitter?

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