Suspects still at large after shooting that shocked Marysville

A Marysville neighborhood is on edge after a shooting between a homeowner and three suspects. One of them is now in police custody

It started when three armed men approached a homeowner as he returned home just after midnight in the 8400 block of 41st Drive Northeast.

Around noon, a suspect was in custody. But two others remain at large. And many neighbors are still nervous.

The owners of this home tell KIRO 7 they have no idea why someone would attack them. But that’s what happened shortly after midnight on Sunday. Very quickly, it seems that the entire neighborhood is under attack.

The wife did not want to show her face for fear of reprisals. Her husband saw them approaching.

“That gun right there,” she said. “It was my husband who fired because they were coming.”

“We have three children at home,” she continued.

A neighbor who lives a block away might also hear it.

“I actually looked out my window and saw an individual on the main road, 84th,” said neighbor Elliot Simpson. “And they ended up shooting toward the northwest, in the direction where we are now, with a rifle, a long gun.”

The suspects fled on foot, leaving behind a stolen vehicle. This sparked a manhunt that lasted hours.

Several vehicles were hit by gunfire. Some windows were reduced to shards of glass. Bullet casings were found everywhere.

The woman whose home was targeted says she doesn’t know why.

“No, I don’t know any,” she said. “I don’t know who has problems with us. But they were clearly waiting for my husband for some reason.

Then they took over the neighborhood.

“Yeah,” she said. “All our cars, all our neighbors, my daughter’s window.”

Marysville Police used drones and K-9s to track down these suspects. The K-9 helped them locate the first suspect.

The police identified him to residents. We have checked. He has a long criminal history. He and his alleged accomplices left behind numerous physical and…

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