Summer thunderstorms hit the east coast – Australian News Update

Summer thunderstorms hit the east coast

As summer sizzles, parts of the country will soon be shaking with thunderstorms and rain.


A severe weather warning is currently in place for residents of the Central Tablelands and North East New South Wales as the possibility of damaging winds, large hail and heavy rain is forecast.

Over the weekend, the south and far west can expect mild and mostly sunny conditions, but cooler evenings.

On Sunday, cooler south to southwest winds will develop across the west and south of the state, with a high of 30 degrees in Sydney.

After the weekend the chance of rainfall in Sydney will steadily increase, with an 80% chance of up to 35mm forecast on Monday.

Scattered showers will continue through Tuesday, with thunderstorms possible in eastern and northern areas.

A week of persistent rain will ease slightly towards the middle of the week, with the chance of rain falling to 40% for up to 1mm.

There will be light winds throughout the week, blowing 15-20km during the day, but average temperatures will peak at 27 degrees each day.


Following the state’s thunderstorm warning earlier in the week, Victoria will see a mostly sunny Saturday morning, with increased cloudiness in the afternoon.

Showers will develop over the southwest in the evening, but Melbourne residents can expect highs of 35 degrees.

Rain will begin on Sunday, with a 50% chance of up to 2mm forecast for CBD.

Light winds in the east of the state will shift south over the central and western portions, bringing cool conditions to the coast.

On Monday, the state will see scattered showers around the eastern ranges and possible thunderstorms in the far northeast.

Sunny conditions will develop in the south after a morning of partial cloud.

In Melbourne, temperatures will drop from 24 degrees on Sunday to 22 degrees midweek.

southern australia

A warm start to the weekend will see Adelaide residents weather another 30 degree hot day, but an 80% chance of 15mm of rain could spoil summer fun.

Riverland and Murrayland will experience a dry day, but the western part of the state will likely experience heavy falls.

On Sunday, showers and rain will spread across the rest of the state and into the north through the afternoon.

The CBD will see a high of 26 degrees and a relatively cloudy and humid day.

The start of the new week is drying up the rain, with clear 27 degrees in Adelaide, with moderate winds along the coast.

On Tuesday, mostly sunny conditions return to the state capital, with another high of 27 degrees.


The BOM raised the possibility of a severe weather warning being issued as satellites show storms over the southern interior and far north.

The risk of isolated thunderstorms over the southeast inland will increase on Sunday as partly cloudy conditions spread across the rest of the state.

Brisbane will stick to the maximum temperature of 31 degrees until Monday, with a 20% chance of rain at the start of the week.

Rain will increase Tuesday to a 50% chance to 10mm and potential thunderstorm conditions.

Showers and scattered thunderstorms will continue through the end of the week, with daytime temperatures below average across the state.

Western Australia

A severe weather warning for heavy rain is underway for parts of Western Australia into South Australia as tropical humidity moves across the country.

Mainly sunny conditions with highs of 31 degrees kick off the weekend from Perth, with no chance of rain in the state capital.

However, the Kimberley region should expect showers and gusty thunderstorms throughout the weekend.

Thunderstorms across the Pilbara, Interior, Gascoyne, West of Goldfields and northern and central portions of the Southwest Land Division will continue through Monday at the earliest.

The temperature is really starting to warm up in Perth throughout the week, with Sunday’s high of 33 degrees rising to 34 with the slight possibility of a thunderstorm on Monday evening.

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