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the immense success of Suit The show delivered the biggest year ever on Netflix in 2023 in the short history of streaming viewing measurements. This led to a banner year for library series (aka shows that ended years ago) on multiple platforms: the top 10 overall titles in Nielsen’s year-end rankings are all earned shows, the first time in four years. What has happened is that the streaming rankings have become publicly available.

Audiences spent much more time on streaming platforms than last year – streaming use increased 21 percent, according to Nielsen – and licensed shows are responsible for much of that increased time. The top 10 original streaming series watched a combined 133.6 billion minutes last year, nearly two-thirds of the top 10 original shows of 2022 (198.3 billion minutes). Another way to look at the steep decline in original viewing: discounting even blockbuster runs. stranger things Of the 2022 total (52 billion minutes), nine remaining shows are still ahead of the 2023 top 10.

“We certainly had a small number of the original copies [in 2023], says Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen’s senior vice president of product strategy and thought leadership. “As a result, the large-scale introduction of new blockbuster originals that we’re used to didn’t really happen this year.” Fuhrer cites successes like Netflix night agent And ginny and georgia and stable, months-long performance ted lasso (top original show of the year) on Apple TV+, but none of them reached big numbers stranger things Or ozarkWhich broke the figure of 30 billion minutes in 2020 and 2022.

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