Steven Spielberg, increasingly alarmed by anti-Semitism, speaks at USC

“The echoes of history are unmistakable in our current climate,” said Steven Spielberg in a fiery speech connecting the past with the present as he accepted USC’s medallion Monday. The legendary filmmaker has received the University of Southern California’s highest honor, bestowed only three times, in recognition of 30 years of the Shoah Foundation, an organization he founded after making his masterpiece . Schindler’s Listand who has been based at USC for 20 years.

“The rise of extremist views has created a dangerous environment,” he said. “And radical intolerance leads a society to no longer celebrate differences, but to conspire to demonize those who are different to the point of creating “the other.” »

Spielberg’s co-winners at luncheon, hosted by USC President Carol Spot and held in the university’s Town and Gown building were more than 56,000 Holocaust survivors who testified to the foundation. They were represented by Célina Biniazwho is the youngest woman whose life was saved by Oskar Schindler and who, in recent years, has been particularly active within the foundation.

Spielberg continues: “We see every day how the machinery of extremism is used on college campuses, where 50% of students are now present. [Jewish] students say they have faced some discrimination because they are Jewish. This also occurs alongside anti-Muslim, Arab and Sikh discrimination. The creation of the “other” and the dehumanization of any group based on their differences are the foundations of fascism. It’s an old playbook, but it’s been dusted off and is widely distributed today.

He added: “I…

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