Stark County Covers Series of Infrastructure Upgrades

Feb. 7—DICKINSON — The Stark County Commission’s February meeting tackled an ambitious agenda, from major highway projects to transformative water system improvements, signaling important developments for local infrastructure and water programs. community support.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) announced the construction of a road network along Highway 8 designed to facilitate the movement of large trucks between Mile 35 and the I-94 interchange.

“The large truck network would be built to accommodate vehicles that can carry up to 129,000 pounds,” an NDDOT spokesperson said.

This initiative, he said, was aimed at strengthening security and increasing the transport of goods through the area by carrying heavier loads, with the sale of road access permits, including pass options. spend single, monthly and annual to finance the project.

The town of Taylor has outlined plans for a complete overhaul of the water system to address what it says are inadequate pipe diameters that have caused low water pressure for residents.

“The current system…only pumps 68 gallons of water per minute from the city’s fire hydrants,” noted a city official.

According to the city, replacing the city’s pipes with six-inch versions will increase water flow to 470 gallons per minute, significantly improving service to residents and emergency responders. Funding for the project will be based on grants for the majority of the cost, 60%, with the remainder covered by increased water charges.

Al Heiser of the Stark County Highway Department was recognized for his service before discussing the department’s proactive box culvert installations and road maintenance planning. Underscoring the department’s foresight in anticipation of rising construction costs, Heiser’s efforts were crucial according to commissioners.

Improvements to the Pioneer Museum, making it more accessible to the public, were also praised by Commissioner Neal Messer, who said…

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