Sporting Club Bengaluru – A data-driven club on a quest to rise to the top of Indian football

Sporting Club Bengaluru – A data-driven club on a quest to rise to the top of Indian football

But they made Garden City football fans sit up and take notice of their performance in the inaugural season where they clinched the title with 46 points in 18 games which secured them a place in the second division of next season’s I-League.

The team relies primarily on homegrown talent, with up to 16 city players in its ranks. “Our aim is to promote local talent and there is a focus on data to drive the club. We have set out a five year roadmap and we have achieved our first target in our first season and we plan to work to achieve our goals with the European approach,” SCB CEO Kishore SR said during a press conference at the Ritz Carlton on Wednesday (25 January) to celebrate the club’s Super Division title triumph.

The competitive nature of the 20-team BDFA Super Division can be identified by the fact that SCB signed India international Robin Singh at the start of the season.
The mercurial striker made his presence felt when he returned to Bengaluru after a seven-year absence.

“When I met the promoters of the club I thought the project was exciting. I want to give back a lot to Indian football and I’m more than happy to help the talented boys up and I’m ready to support on and off the pitch,” Robin said.

Promoting homegrown talent is the buzzword in SCB circles and the team coaches have been instrumental in that.

The persistence of homegrown talent has resulted in five SCB players being represented in Karnataka State’s squad for the country’s senior men’s national championship – the Santosh Trophy.

Head Coach Chinta Chandrashekar, spoke about the season and future aspirations of SCB: “Our solid foundations, mindset and determination helped us to become BDFA CHAMPIONS in our first season, we will continue to work in the same direction in the coming season. With new bigger challenges ahead So, like the I-League 2nd division, we have a lot of work to do to put in a good performance and hopefully be the first club from Bengaluru to qualify for the I-League”.

As they say, well begun is half done. SCB started well and with the BDFA Super Division title in their prize pool. The long road to the highest level of Indian football awaits us. For that, the second division of the I League is the next challenge, followed by a place in its highest level.

Speaking of the roadmap ahead, club co-founders and directors Adrian Wright, Kulbir Sohi and Tony Sohi said: “SCB has been formed by a group of passionate sports professionals who have a proven track record in professional football, we plan to illustrate that football is a business and will return investment, in addition to maintaining a very strong ecosystem in the region where we operate for the benefit of India as a whole. 2022 has been our year foundation and saw us claim the champion spot in the Karnataka super division on the first attempt.

Our ambition is to play in the Indian Super League within five years and this visit from the UK has a clear motive to inform the local community of our plans and also to connect with like-minded people who would like to join our journey to establish a premier for professional football in India.”

Source: press release