South Sudan: Food aid withheld for 1.7 million people due to lack of adequate funds TOU

South Sudan: Food aid withheld for 1.7 million people due to lack of adequate funds 

South Sudan: Food aid withheld for 1.7 million people due to lack of adequate funds

The decision to suspend humanitarian aid comes at a time when the public in South Sudan is facing an unprecedented level of hunger.

About 60 per cent of the country’s population is facing severe food insecurity, and violent conflicts, floods, droughts in some areas and the crisis in Ukraine have exacerbated the situation.

Adienka Badejo-Sanogo, the UN agency’s acting country director for South Sudan, said food aid was planned for 6.2 million people this year.

“But due to growing humanitarian needs and insufficient funds, we have taken the painful step of withholding food aid for 1.7 million people.”

He said that these are the people who are experiencing food insecurity at the emergency and crisis level.

According to an estimate, out of the total population of the country of 11.6 million, more than 65 per cent people are suffering from serious humanitarian crisis. They need protection and help to survive.

Of these, 8.3 million people could face severe starvation, including internally displaced persons and refugees.

For the fourth year in a row, local communities in South Sudan are facing the risk of flash floods this season, flooding large tracts of agricultural land and making it unusable.

The Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity provinces of the country are particularly affected.

Risk of flood

In the year 2021, floods in South Sudan forced one million people to flee their homes.

This year, an estimated six million people are expected to be flooded and displaced.

Acting Country Director Adienka Badejo-Sanogo said, “We are expecting severe flooding for the fourth year in a row, based on above-average rainfall forecasts, and the accumulated water that has not receded in recent years is also included. Will go. ”

The current situation is also worrisome as the decision to stop food aid has been taken at a time when it is a relatively critical time for families.

The UN agency official said that the families have run out of food stocks and as the days go by, their risk of starvation will increase.

According to him, in these circumstances World Food ProgramIs working to prevent famine in South Sudan.

Violent violence

Displacement due to prolonged violence continues in parts of South Sudan and the situation is sensitive for local communities.

In April of this year, additional UN peacekeepers were deployed in Lear County following the escalation of rapes, beheadings, the burning of civilians and attacks on humanitarian aid workers.

“The political and security context in South Sudan is sensitive and it continues to hurt communities.”

It has been reported that due to the conflict so far, the number of newly displaced has exceeded two lakh and the UN agency does not have sufficient resources for the new emergency relief operation.

The World Food Program warns that in the event of a lack of funding, vulnerable communities will be forced to make decisions such as abandoning food, reducing its quantity, selling property, sending their children to work, and child marriage.

The UN agency has outlined a need for more than 42 420 million for the current crisis and capacity building efforts to reach 6 million people in the next six months.


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