South Dakota tribe blocks Gov. Kristi Noem from reservation

South Dakota tribe bans government. Kristi Noem of his reserve on her concerning100 remarks on an “invasion” on the US-Mexico border, in which she said she was considering sending barbed wire and security personnel there.

Oglala Sioux Tribal Chairman Frank Star Comes Out issued the decision not to allow him access to the Pine Ridge Reservation in a four page response to the Republican governor’s remarks on the southern border.

“Due to the safety of the Oyate, effective immediately, you are hereby banished from the homelands of the Ogala Sioux Tribe!” he wrote in a letter Friday.

The tribe stated in 2019 that Mention was not welcome on the fieldthe eighth largest reserve in the country, because it supported the Keystone XL pipeline.

The statement from the Oglala Sioux Tribal Chairman, who said he was an honorably discharged U.S. veteran, said Noem’s “use of the term ‘invasion’ as justification for sending SD National Guard troops in Texas” is “unjustified”.

“The truth is that Gov. Noem wants to use the so-called southern border ‘invasion’ as a Republican ‘crisis’ issue to help former President Donald Trump to use her as a campaign issue to be re-elected president, and thus increase her chances of being selected by Trump to be his vice-presidential candidate,” the tribal chairman said.

Frank Star Comes Out wrote that he believed “many of the people coming to the southern border of the United States in search of jobs and a better life are Indians” coming from places like El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico “and do not deserve”. be dehumanized and mistreated.

“They do not need to be caged, separated from their children like under the Trump administration, or cut up by barbed wire provided by South Dakota,” he wrote.

Noem answered him in a manner statement On Saturday, he said: “It is unfortunate that President Star Comes Out has chosen to bring politics into a discussion regarding the effects…

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