Self-defense classes start February 3 at Premiere Fitness

February 2 – ASHTABULA – Esther Smithwho trains at the Koroshi School of Defense, will begin teaching a self-defense workshop on February 3 at Premiere Fitness.

Smith is a second-degree black belt and began training in martial arts at the age of 12.

Over the six weeks, men and women who attend the course will learn a variety of techniques to help them, including being aware of their surroundings and stopping attacks before they start, reacting when caught or attacked, escaping from an attacker, gain influence over an attacker, and escape if knocked down.

“It is important that everyone, men and women, can defend themselves in any situation.” said June Parmarter, CCMA Director of Wellbeing Initiatives.

“We recently hosted a lunch and learn here at Premiere with Esther Smith, the instructor. She focused on several techniques, including safe ways to quickly de-escalate the situation, emphasizing the importance of stepping away from the aggressor as quickly as possible.”

Ohio ranks fifth nationally in human trafficking. There is also an increase in cases of road rage or other situations in which an angry person might try to attack someone. Smith said it’s important to have basic knowledge to get yourself out of a dangerous situation.

“It’s like having a home security system: It’s nice to have it and you hope you never have to use it,” Smith said. “The basic goal of self-defense is to be able to remove yourself from a dangerous situation. You don’t want to stay and fight. React quickly and flee as quickly as possible.”

She said 10 to 15 seconds can be the difference between escaping and calling for help or being overpowered by an attacker.

Members, staff and the community have requested self-defense classes over the past several years.

Classes will last one hour. Each class focuses on a different aspect or technique of self-defense and will include opportunities to practice what has been learned that day. The six-week series costs $150 per person.

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