See: Elderly PTI supporter beaten by PPP supporters at Iftar program in Pakistan TOU

See: Elderly PTI supporter beaten by PPP supporters at Iftar program in Pakistan


See: Elderly PTI supporter beaten by PPP supporters at Iftar program in Pakistan

The latest political drama in Pakistan took a violent turn on Tuesday after videos of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party leaders and legislators supporting the newly elected government clashed at a private hotel in Islamabad.

A video has gone viral on social media platforms in which it was seen that disgruntled PTI MLA Noor Alam Khan had beaten up an elderly man for saying “turncoat” and abused him at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Tuesday.

ReportNoor Alam Khan, along with PPP leaders Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, Nadeem Afzal Chan and Faisal Karim Kundi, were having Iftar dinner at the hotel where PTI workers and senior citizens were also present.

The video shows PTI rebel leader Noor Alam Khan and PPP leader Mustafa Khokhar beating an elderly man. PPP leader Kundi was seen picking up a glass and throwing it at the old man, who kindly responded by throwing something at him. When the old man tried to take revenge, Khokhar stopped him and punched him in the head.

The old man was thrown off balance and thrown to the ground like Khan, and other PPP leaders continued to beat him before splitting.

In other videos, insults like ‘pen-thief’ (also a form of popular abuse in North India) can be heard, thrown at each other.

Another video of the same incident from another angle shows people trying to calm politicians down while trying to understand the scene unfolding in front of them.

Dissatisfied with the incident, PTI’s Noor Alam had lodged a complaint against the old man. In his complaint, Alam Khan claimed that he was at the hotel with his friends including Khokhar, Chan, Kundi and Sheikh Waqas Akram when a stranger started abusing him and threatened to kill him.

PTI protests against opposition parties after Imran Khan’s ouster

Meanwhile, there are thousands of PTI party workers Demonstrations took place Nationwide protests against the establishment of an ‘imported government’ at the center.

Protest rallies were held in several cities, including Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Malakand, Multan Khanwal, Khyber, Zhang and Quetta, with party supporters chanting slogans against the united opposition.

The protests came after Imran Khan marked his resignation as the beginning of a “freedom struggle” and described his removal as a “foreign conspiracy to overthrow the regime” in Pakistan.

In an effort to motivate his supporters, he said, “it is always the people who defend their own sovereignty and democracy.”

Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif was on Monday sworn in as Pakistan’s 23rd prime minister following the ouster of Imran Khan. Senate Speaker Sadiq Sanjarani administered the oath of office to 70-year-old Shahbaz Shahbaz in the absence of President Dr Arif Alvi, who had gone on “sick” leave before the inauguration of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader.


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