Santa Fe police identify officers in recent fatal shooting

Mar. 28—Santa Fe police have released the names of three officers who fired their weapons during a bizarre chase earlier this month that left one man dead, another suspect wounded and an officer injured.

One of the officers who fired his weapon was also struck by gunfire during the incident, police said, although it is unclear who fired the shot(s). who touched him.

According to a news release from the Santa Fe Police Department, the officers who fired their weapons during the March 10 incident were Detective Manuel Romero, Officer Luis Ruiz and Officer Charles Ovalle.

Ovalle was shot and bitten by a police dog during the incident and remains on leave due to his injuries, Deputy Chief Ben Valdez confirmed Thursday. He has been released from the hospital, Valdez wrote in an email.

For weeks, Santa Fe and state police have refused to answer who was responsible for the gunfire that hit Ovalle. Valdez wrote that an ongoing investigation by state police “will provide the necessary facts about what happened.”

The police shooting resulted in the death of Rick Robert Chavez, 35, and the injured George Theragood, 42, who was charged in connection with the incident.

During an arrest warrant operation, city and state police chased Chavez down several streets to the scene of the shooting in Vereda de Encanto, according to Santa Fe police statements following to the shooting. Theragood was sitting in his vehicle outside his residence and Chavez was getting into the vehicle when they were shot by officers, police said.

Although state police officers took part in the operation, no state officers fired their weapons during the incident, the state police spokesman said. New Mexico State, Wilson Silver.

City police said in statements that Chavez was “armed with a handgun” during the shooting, but it is unclear whether he was holding the gun or fired. The department has prepared 14 criminal charges against Chávez following the incident preceding his death at the hospital on March 12, including three counts…

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