Romanchuk attends joint Ohio-Pennsylvania energy meeting

COLUMBUS – State Senator. Marc Romanchuk (R-Ontario) participated in a joint meeting with other members of the Ohio Senate Energy and Utilities Committee, as well as the Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities Committees of the Ohio House and Pennsylvania Senate Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy.

The goal of the meeting was to better understand energy policy implications and community concerns regarding PJM, particularly on the growing need for reliable, sustainable and affordable energy.

Sen. Mark Romanchuk, Republican of Ontario, is chairing the May 19 meeting of the state legislature’s Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee.

“I agree with much of what was said at today’s hearing regarding the state of our power grid and poor policies at the federal level. While some attention has been paid to Ohio’s unregulated electricity market, no attention has been paid to the benefits of the markets themselves,” Romanchuk said. “Simply put, the market has outperformed the decision-making of the Ohio Legislature and the PUCO. Past policies have harmed the health of the power grid and limited future electricity supplies. On the other hand, the market has brought production diversity, lower costs and increased reliability. Ohio should rely on what works: competition and markets.

The committee heard from two panels, which included insights from Asim Haque of PJM Interconnection, Chair Jenifer French of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and energy industry executives.

This article was originally published in the Mansfield News Journal: State Senator Mark Romanchuk participates in joint energy meeting

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