Riots erupt in Sweden over Koran burning, vehicles set on fire, police attacked TOU

Riots erupt in Sweden over Koran burning, vehicles set on fire, police attacked


Riots erupt in Sweden over Koran burning, vehicles set on fire, police attacked

On Thursday (April 14), a riot broke out in the Swedish town of Linkoping after a Danish anti-immigration party. Tight course The next day he announced to burn a copy of the Quran.

In between Chanting At the sound of ‘Allahu Akbar’, masked men attacked police vehicles and set them on fire. A total of four police officers were injured during the attack, according to independent investigator Hugo Kamman. Two people have been arrested so far in the case.

The police finally moved from this area, which encouraged many other Swedish cities to continue to continue to continue to continue from other Swedish cities neckoping, Rincby, Stockholm and Violence in Orebro. “The mood has been aggressive and there have been attacks on police at the scene,” police spokeswoman Asa Wilson commented.

Violence in Orebro

On Friday (April 15), riots broke out in the Swedish city of Orebro, during which violent mobs attacked police and engaged in arson attacks. Accordingly Report Published by Reuters, rioters pelted stones, broke police cordons and set 4 vehicles on fire.

Reuters reported that at least four policemen and a private person were injured during the attack. Officers suspect a hand fracture, according to police. The rioters also stole a police vehicle and were traveling around the city in a car, according to independent researcher Hugo Kamman.

“The fact that this has been allowed to happen is a serious allegation of the Swedish police leadership’s failure to uphold the rule of law,” he said in a tweet. There was also violence Reported In the Stockholm suburb of Rinkby and Navesta in Norcoping On the incident of scheduled Quran burning.

Reuters in action in Orebro, Sweden, image by Kiki Nielsen / TT News Agency / Reuters

Reacting to the violence, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said Said“I strongly condemn the violence that is now being directed at the police and the general public in Orebro. Yesterday and during the night we saw similar scenes in Linköping and Norrköping. Several police officers have been injured while working in their service to protect democratic rights.

Incident of burning the Quran by Strum Course

Rasmus Palud, head of the Danish anti-immigration party, announced the burning of a copy of the Koran in Linkoping’s Muslim-dominated neighborhood. While there was a large crowd of about 200 Muslims Gathered To protest against the act of ‘slander’, Tight course The chief stepped forward and burned the book.

The mob then started pelting stones at the police, blocking the way for vehicles and launching arson attacks. Mikhail Yuksel, founder of the Party of Different Colors in Sweden, has accused Paludan of inciting Muslims by condemning them outside mosques and in Muslim-majority areas.

He claimed that “in Sweden, defending human rights, freedom of religion and the highest pitch of conscience, the Koran is burned in Muslim neighborhoods under police protection.”

The party was allowed by the police to hold a Koran burning program, which was later disbanded due to the deteriorating law and order situation.

Responding to the violence, National Police Chief Anders Thornberg Said“We live in a democratic society and one of the most important tasks of the police is to ensure that people can exercise their constitutionally protected rights to express and express their views. Always intervene in case of violation. ”

Ramses Paludan and the 2020 Sweden riots

In August 2020, riots broke out in the Swedish city of Malm પછી after a member of the Strom Course group burned a copy of the Koran. The burning of the Koran was part of an anti-Islamic protest that erupted in the city following the arrest of Rasmus Paludan.

Paludan is the leader of the hard-line Danish anti-immigration political party and was to hold a meeting in the city. Authorities said Paludanon was banned in Sweden for two years for fear of violating Swedish law. As such, he was stopped at the border and denied entry to Malmo.

In response, Palud posted a post on Facebook To read, “Sent back and banned from Sweden for two years. However, rapists and murderers are always welcome! He was to take part in an anti-Muslim rally and had earlier urged his supporters to burn the Koran.

In the viral video, a member of the ‘Storm Course’ group was seen spraying petrol on a copy of the Quran and then setting the book on fire during the day. The man was seen pointing to a burned Koran and denouncing Islam in Swedish.

The incident provoked radical Islamists, who then took to the streets and spread violence. When the rioters protested the first group’s action, they soon resorted to burning tires and throwing stones at police. In 2019, Paludan set the book on fire by wrapping the book with a piece of bacon.


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