RFK Jr. Airs Super Bowl Ad That Cost $7 Million

The supporting super PAC Robert F. Kennedy Jr.Donald Trump’s independent bid for president debuted in an ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

American Values ​​2024 released a 30 second ad it was a remake of a 1960 campaign spot – with the same jingle and motif – for his former uncle President John F. Kennedy.

The super PAC said the ad cost $7 million and was distributed nationally.

The ad featured photos of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testifying before Congress and skiing, alongside the words “vote independent.”

“Our momentum is growing. It is time for an independent president to bridge the divisions in our country,” Kennedy said. said on.

Kennedy’s name pointd in Google searches during the beginnings.

Kennedy’s publicity – and his invocation of his family’s legacy – was quickly critical by his cousin Bobby Shriver.

“My cousin’s Super Bowl commercial used our uncle’s faces and my mother’s faces,” he wrote in an article on X. “She would be appalled by his deadly views on health care. Respect for science, vaccines, and healthcare equity was in her DNA. She strongly supported my healthcare work at @ONECampaign and @RED which she opposed.

Shriver’s brother Mark posted this he accepted.

Kennedy’s views, including anti-vaccine advocacy, gave rise to condemnation from his family. In October, his four siblings released a statement saying they “denounce” his candidacy and find his candidacy “deeply saddening” and “perilous for our country”.

The ad comes just days after the Democratic National Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission claiming the campaign and super PAC were coordinating in accepting funding to help with signature-gathering initiatives.

In a statement, DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd highlighted the fact that Kennedy’s super PAC received a significant amount of money from Kennedy. Timothy Mellon, a major donor to a super PAC supporting Trump’s presidential candidacy.

“It is fitting that the first national advertisement promoting the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was bought and paid for by Donald…

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