Response to school violation called into question

Feb. 5—As the Cumberland County School Board’s Jan. 25 meeting began, investigators were in the hallway working with school staff to help identify a potential threat.

The threat was deemed “not credible” a few hours later. Virginia juvenile faces charges for social media post.

But some still wonder about the school system’s reaction following a breach at a school on January 11.

Hannah Brattem, who lives in Putnam County, addressed the board on behalf of her niece, who attends Martin.

“There was an unlocked exterior door at my niece’s school,” she said. “As a teacher and an aunt, I am angry that my niece could have been subjected to violence because of a simple mistake.

“I know what it’s like to be a teacher. I understand the fatigue. But I understand that one simple mistake could cost us so many lives. There’s just too much at stake.”

According to a police report, Tyler Royce Wolfe, 26, of Fairfield Glade, was arrested Jan. 11 on charges of felony fraud and aggravated trespassing.

MPtl School Resource Officer. Joel Stevens wrote that a school counselor came to his office and said, “I need you here now,” adding that a man dressed in black and carrying a backpack walked through the door. entered the office and left the building.

A physical education teacher told Stevens that the man entered the school through the back gymnasium door. The teacher asked what the man was doing at school.

The man walked toward a parked 2018 Honda Fit and ignored Stevens’ commands to stop.

Stevens called the vehicle’s tag number and the vehicle was stopped moments later on the highway. 70 E. in the bowling district.

Det. Jon Tollett arrested the suspect without incident. A search was carried out which revealed no weapons. A vehicle was found in plain sight.

Wolfe was released from jail on bond. Information on his court date was not available.

While the parents were scheduled to attend Martin Elementary School, they received an automated phone call that afternoon from the school’s principal, Christie…

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