Reproductive rights expert says: “Women will pay the price for abortion and IVF struggles in the United States”

NEW YORK — With abortion access and reproductive rights at stake for many women in this country, we take a look at the personal impact of these hard-won rights and the possibility that some may be at risk of losing them.

Annie Trombatore Peltzer cuddles her oldest child, Rhodes, and her newborn daughter, Lila, who was born 6 months ago using in vitro fertilization, or IVF.

“Life changing for sure. And life-changing for her. She wouldn’t be here,” Peltzer said.

In 2016, at age 26, Peltzer knew she wanted children, but not at that point — so she underwent the grueling process of hormone injections and egg retrieval to freeze embryos alongside the man who would become her husband .

“Fast forward to getting pregnant with Rhodes and it happened naturally. We didn’t have to use it. Then last year when we tried to get pregnant with her, we tried for about a year with no success, so we were really glad we made those decisions,” Peltzer said.

But Peltzer’s story has only been possible for about 40 years and may no longer be possible for women in places like Alabama, where IVF therapy has been in limbo ever since That state’s Supreme Court ruled that embryos were human beings.

From abortion restrictions to IVF bans, women’s reproductive rights in the United States have never been more uncertain.

“This idea of ​​choice – who even has a choice, right? People who want to become parents may not really have the choice to be parents,” said Dr. Wendy Schor-Haim from Barnard College.

Schor-Haim and Dr. Cecelia Lie-Spahn, also at Barnard, are experts on the history of reproductive rights in the United States and say this country has a long history of controlling women through control of their bodies.

“One of the greatest and most important acts of resistance by enslaved women was to be able to keep the children they had because they were so often sold to other slave owners. So I’m thinking about this broader historical context in Alabama and how once…

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