Rajnath Singh told in San Francisco how India has broken China’s waist TOU

Rajnath Singh told in San Francisco how India has broken China’s waist


Rajnath Singh told in San Francisco how India has broken China’s waist

Since the Modi government came to power, India’s army has become more powerful than ever. From fighter aircraft and heavy artillery to anti-submarine aircraft, India’s armed forces are being strengthened. It is because of the policies of the Modi government that a country like the US has failed to put pressure on India even today after the Russo-Ukraine war did not go against Russia. Today, the country has come so far in the field of defense that any country far from war against India seems to avoid saying anything incoherent.

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has sent a strong message to China

Minister of Defense in this order Rajnath Singh It has given a strong message to China and what is the strong point of India Rajnath Singh Put firmly in front of the world. So let’s get started right away. “India will not spare anyone if India is harmed,” he said, adding that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has emerged as a powerful country and one of the top three economies in the world. Rajnath Singh San Francisco In his address to the Indo-American community in 2013, he also sent a subtle message to the US that New Delhi “does not believe in zero-sum game diplomacy.” .

He further said that if India has good relations with one country, it does not mean that its relations with any other country will deteriorate. India has never adopted such diplomacy. India will never adopt it (such diplomacy).

The Secretary of Defense was here in Washington DC to attend the India US 2 + 2 Ministerial Meeting. At the meeting, at a reception hosted in his honor by the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, the Defense Minister spoke about the bravery shown by Indian troops on the border with China.

Rajnath Singh said, “I cannot say openly what they (Indian soldiers) did and what we (the government) decided. But I can say with certainty that a message has been sent to China that India will not spare anyone if it is harmed.

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Violent clashes erupted in the Pangong Lake areas

Let me tell you May 5, 2020 Clashes erupted on the Ladakh border between Indian and Chinese forces after violent clashes in the Ko Pengong Lake area. Between India and China after the collision of Galvan Valley on June 15, 2020. Twenty Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed in the clashes. There is no denying that bilateral relations between India and China have reached historic lows due to China’s constant backlash and its zeal to expand its territory at India’s expense.

India and China have so far held 15 rounds of military talks to resolve the stalemate in eastern Ladakh. As a result of the negotiations, the two sides completed the process of separation on the north and south shores of Pangong Lake and Gogra region last year.

His comments came amid tensions with Washington over India’s position on the Ukraine crisis and its decision to buy Russian oil at concessional rates. In his address to the Indian community, Rajnath Singh said that in the past, if any country in the world wanted development and prosperity, they always thought of establishing vibrant trade with India. The image of India has changed. India’s pride has increased. No power in the world can stop India from becoming the top three economies in the world in the next few years.

Said the defense minister In eight years, the Modi government has “changed” the country and changed India’s image for the better. (Globally) People now realize that India is no longer a weak country. It is the most powerful country in the world. Today, India has the potential to lead the world. This is India’s capability that the world now understands. ” He said there could be no greater achievement for a country like India in such a short span of time. Today we have a new and confident India, India is now moving towards becoming a self reliant country and the Modi government is taking many important steps in this regard including the defense sector.

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Many important steps have been taken towards indigenization

India has taken many important steps towards indigenization of its defense sector and today India is moving towards becoming an economic power and the government is working towards the welfare and prosperity of not only its people but other parts of the world. I’m helping too. People

Rajnath Singh’s recent remarks on China are indeed another indication that India will not back down from its stand if need be. The country will not compromise with its sovereignty and will always be committed to revenge for the security of the country. Since India has become a global superpower today, even Western countries, including the US or China, have turned against India. India is now ready to respond to any country under the leadership of Narendra Modi and this is what the world is seeing in today’s context of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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