Rahul Gandhi trolled again

Rahul Gandhi trolled again

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is currently in Punjab under the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Another video of Rahul Gandhi goes viral, in which he talks about the three agricultural laws carried by the Center.

In this short video clip, Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying, “The laws against the black farmer have come, three laws…”. In this, instead of saying ‘black law’, Rahul Gandhi was seen saying ‘black farmer’ from the stage.

This Rahul Gandhi clip is going viral on social media. Regarding this statement by Rahul Gandhi, the leaders of the ruling BJP (BJP) party are wondering about him. On the other hand, social media users are laughing at Rahul Gandhi.

BJP national spokesman Shahzad Poonawalla said: “After deceiving farmers in Rajasthan by not giving them ten-day loan forgiveness and depriving them of electricity (as admitted by his own minister of Rajasthan), Rahul Gandhi is now calling on the farmers,” say the black farmers.

BJP IT Unit Chief Amit Malviya said:black FarmerThis is an insult to farmers… From Rajasthan to Chhattisgarh, Congress has brought farmers to the brink of poverty.

Madhya Pradesh BJP Minister of State Rahul Kothari scoffed at this and said:black Farmer There is only one fair ‘Robert Vadra’.

A user named Harishchandra Varnwal wrote,black Farmer Act against… Rahul ji what happened to you, see if the software has become corrupted.

Malam Singh Rathore writes: “Lo Karlo Baat Aaj Aur Ek Naya Karnama black farmer… This man will surely only accept the last rites of Congress.

Significantly, during Rahul Gandhi’s visit, such things were said many times, due to which he was followed on social media. During ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, Rahul Gandhi was seen wearing a T-shirt most of the time. When the reporters asked the question, the MP for Wayanad asked backwards why are you wearing a sweater? When the reporter cited the cold as the reason, Rahul Gandhi replied, “No, it’s not because it’s cold. The reason is that you are afraid of the cold. I’m not afraid of the cold.”

Similarly, answering the question of another journalist, Rahul Gandhi had said“Rahul Gandhi is on your mind, I killed him, he’s not here, he’s not on my mind. Gaya woh, the person you see is not Rahul Gandhi, you see him. You have not understood. Just read the Hindu religion, just read Shivji. The matter will be understood.

In a similar statement, Rahul Gandhi said: “Dogs also came to this yatra, but no one killed them. The cows also came here… The buffaloes also came… The pigs also came. I saw. All the animals came. Everyone came. But, there was no hate to be seen here. Such is our India, such is this journey. No hate, no violence, no bad questions.”

Rahul Gandhi’s wisdom on Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata was given: “When Arjuna was shooting the arrow in the eye of the fish, did he say what shall I do after that? Where was what? Didn’t you say? The meaning of this story is also in the Gita – work, don’t worry about the result.

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