Queensland man goes viral for unloading thieves on video

Queensland man goes viral for unloading thieves on video

A father’s frustration at the skyrocketing crime in his neighborhood turned into a brilliant filmed diatribe.

Steve Lee was ‘discharged’ in a big way after spotting a car full of young men pull up outside his neighbour’s house in Bridgeman Downs, north Brisbane, around 2am on Wednesday.

“Oi motherf*****s, get out of here,” Mr Lee could be heard saying in security footage, shouting at the men as they started walking down his neighbor’s driveway.

His bellowing voice echoed in the street and immediately caused the bandits to panic.

“I just saw red because I was so sick of it, like everyone else, and I unloaded on them,” Mr Lee told news.com.au.

“And they just s*** themselves. The driver left to take off without his buddies, then the door was locked, it was one thing after another.

The area has been targeted several times in recent months, with several cars and homes in the suburbs targeted by thieves.

“They’re just always out,” Mr Lee said.

“I think it’s just in those neighborhoods where there are nicer homes and they assume that ‘if you can afford a nice car, you’ll have nicer jewelry and money’.”

Mr. Lee’s home is flanked by security cameras and his cars are equipped with tracking devices and immobilizers, but he continues to increase his protection.

“We’re going to put contact alarms on all the doors and windows, and I just spent an extra $1,000 on extra cameras,” he said.

In total, he expects $4,000 more to make him and his wife feel safe.

“It’s hard to swallow that this is the day and age that we live in where we have to spend so much on our home security because of these dirty people who don’t care,” Mr Lee said.

“They don’t care if you’re home or not, or if you have kids…it’s not hard to walk into someone’s house armed, it makes you a coward.”

Mr Lee’s video has gone viral on social media with thousands of people sharing and commenting on the clip.

“If it makes people laugh and it makes them laugh [the men] a little, then good, but you can’t curl up. I certainly do not give up on bringing light to the subject,” he said.

“I don’t allow people into my house where my wife and son are, and what I broke my ass for.”

Mr Lee said it was outrageous that the problem had become so serious that residents had no choice but to spend thousands of dollars on home security and personal protection to protect themselves.

“Thousands of people have now reached the point where we no longer have a choice.”

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