Protecting Women’s Rights, ‘Successful Strategy for Peace and Stability’ TOU

Protecting Women’s Rights, ‘Successful Strategy for Peace and Stability’

Protecting Women’s Rights, ‘Successful Strategy for Peace and Stability’

In his address, the UN chief warned that in this time of growing global crisis, the international community must adopt successful strategies for peace and stability.

He underlined the positive role of regional organizations in advancing this important agenda and said, Protecting and promoting women’s rights is one such strategy.

The Secretary General said that the path to lasting peace and prevention of violent conflict is visible through gender equality, but at present the world is moving in the opposite direction.

The current violent conflicts are exacerbating gender inequality, poverty, climate barriers and other inequalities.

Violent conflicts and their aftermath affect women and girls in a heterogeneous way.

Heterogeneous effect

Millions of girls are out of school, unlikely to be financially independent, while the number of women and girls facing domestic violence is increasing.

According to the Secretary General, extremists and military rulers who seize power by force show apathy towards gender equality and oppress women.

Political stalemate and deep-seated conflicts in other countries, including Afghanistan, Myanmar, Mali and Sudan, demonstrate the imbalance of power.

In recent months, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced millions of women and children to flee for their lives., And their There is a risk of being a victim of smuggling or other forms of exploitation.

The UN chief warned that in the event of a violent conflict, neighboring countries and regional organizations could make a big difference.

The role of regional organizations

He appreciated the constructive cooperation between the European Union, the African Union, the League of Arab States, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations.

All these organizations took part in the discussion held on Wednesday.

Secretary-General Guterres cited the United Nations-African Union in Sudan, and the intergovernmental authority on regional development partnerships, which aim to move the political process towards a just constitutional order.

The goal is to ensure 40 percent participation of women in this process.

The top UN official has called on regional organizations to strengthen their partnership with the group for the future of Sudan.

The United Nations, through its peacebuilding and political missions around the world, promotes women peacemakers and civil society organizations.

Promote the role of women

Under these efforts, victims of sexual violence are supported, investments are made in partnerships with local women leaders and peacemakers, and the number of female personnel is increased at every level.

The UN chief noted that ensuring the rights of women is crucial to building and maintaining peace.

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UN Photo / Ky Chung

Women in Ivory Coast celebrating International Women’s Day.

At the same time, there will be a need for full gender equality in other areas, including election monitoring, security sector reform, disarmament, and the judiciary.

Secretary-General Guterres has urged member states to commit to increasing support for civil society organizations working for women’s rights, the prevention of violent conflict, and peacebuilding.

UN for Women Empowerment (UN Women) The main border of Bahaus drew attention to the impact of violent clashes on women and girls.

Emphasis on respect for resolutions

The Executive Director of the UN Agency expressed outrage that victims face other challenges, including early marriage, sexual and gender-based violence, food insecurity, livelihoods and shelters, lack of cleanliness and dignity.

He referred to Security Council Resolution 1325, which focuses on ensuring the important role of women in protecting girls and women during violent conflict and in their quest for peace.

Regional organizations have played a key role in developing a network of women mediators. But, despite the record of institutional progress, almost always during political negotiations, negotiations for peace, we think, Where are the women?? ”

The simple reason is that we have not respected our resolutions.

Seema Bahaus stressed that women must be equally involved in finding, rehabilitating and preventing peaceful solutions.

The top UN official has called on the Security Council, member states and regional organizations to include the voices of women leaders in their response campaigns and actions.

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