Productivity platform ClickUp acquires calendar startup Hypercal

tiger global and a16z supported productivity company clickUP It has acquired calendar app Hypercal to boost its platform offerings, TechCrunch has learned. As part of the acquisition, app founder Ricardo Clerigo is also joining ClickUp as head of Calendar.

based in uk hyperkal was founded as an app for Mac in 2022 and offered integration with various apps like Notion, OneNote, Apple Notes, Google Docs, Todolist, Apple Reminders, Asana, Things app, Microsoft To-Do, and Slack Went.

Its free plan allowed users to connect to a calendar and a task app. Hypercal also had a paid tier costing $10 per month for unlimited calendar and task integration.

Image Credit: hyperkal

ClickUp provides a single platform for companies to chat, collaborate on documents, manage projects, track timelines, whiteboard ideas, and gain insights from analytical dashboards.

ClickUp CEO and founder Zeb Evans confirmed the acquisition to TechCrunch in a statement and said HyperCal will help incorporate new AI-powered features into the company’s productivity suite.

“Building one app to replace them all has always been ClickUp’s goal. We’ve already eliminated the need for multiple apps by building documents, whiteboards, dashboards, tasks, and AI into our platform. Calendar is ClickUp’s one Have been part of the product for last 5 years and our future vision is to connect Calendar with “Productivity” by developing the core feature.

“Through the acquisition of Hypercal, we will be able to accelerate our approach to personal productivity, which largely depends on how employees schedule their day within a calendar. “Will provide the necessary context for each meeting attended. Tasks, documents, and projects.”

Last July, ClickUp was shut down Its 10$ employees (about 90 employees),

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