Police fire tear gas as Indian farmers resume protest march to New Delhi after talks fail

SHAMBHU, India (AP) — Police fired tear gas Wednesday at thousands of Indian farmers who resumed their protest march in New Delhi after talks with the government. failed to end the impasse on their demands For guaranteed crop prices.

The protests come at a crucial time for India, with national elections due in the coming months and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party hoping to secure a third consecutive term.

Farmer started their protest last week But they were stopped about 200 kilometers (125 mi) from the capital. Authorities are committed to controlling the protests, which has renewed the movement It was two years ago when thousands of farmers camped on the outskirts of the city for more than a year.

At that time, farmers pitched tents, bought food items and sat on strike until they put pressure on Modi Repeal new agricultural laws in a major reversal For their government.

This time, authorities have blocked highways in New Delhi with cement blocks, metal containers, barbed wire and iron nails to prevent farmers from entering.

On Wednesday, farmers arrived with bulldozers and excavators to try to break the barricades.

Jagjit Singh Dallewal, one of the farmers leading the march, said they did not want any violence, but criticized the federal government over the massive security measures.

“Our request is that we want to go to Delhi in a peaceful manner. The government should remove the barricades,” he said.

Last week, farmers had halted their protests and stopped near Shambhu town, close to the border of Punjab and Haryana states, as farmer unions engaged in discussions with government ministers.

He rejected the government’s offer to…

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