Police brought shooter Pimpu from Shirdi to Jalandhar: Two pistols, cartridges recovered, court sent on 3-day police remand TOU

Police brought shooter Pimpu from Shirdi to Jalandhar: Two pistols, cartridges recovered, court sent on 3-day police remand

Police brought shooter Pimpu from Shirdi to Jalandhar: Two pistols, cartridges recovered, court sent on 3-day police remand

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  • Police Brought Shooter Pimpu From Shirdi To Jalandhar, Two Pistols, Cartridges Recovered, Court Sent On Police Remand For 3 Days
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Police officers showing weapons recovered from shooter Pimpu, who was arrested from Maharashtra

Puneet Soni alias Pimpu, the shooter of the Pancham gang who fired at Himanshu Saundhi, son of Akali leader Subhash Saundhi in Gopalnagar, has been arrested by the police from Shirdi in Maharashtra and brought to Jalandhar. Maharashtra Police had arrested Pimpu three-four days ago from a hotel in Shirdi.

DCP Jaskiranjit Singh Teja said that after bringing Pimpu to Jalandhar, he was presented in the court today. Where the court has sent Puneet Soni son Balraj Soni resident Babu Labh Singh Nagar on police remand for three days. He said that Pimpu will be interrogated thoroughly and it will be ascertained in which other incidents he has been involved. While escaping from here, where did it hide and what people had given it asylum. DCP Teja told that Pimpu had done the fight with Himanshu Saundhi in Gopalnagar. This is what fired bullets at Himanshu.

The DCP said that Pancham Noor alias Pancham gang is a B category gang. Police has already caught six of its members, now only Pimpu’s arrest was left. The police have also arrested him. The DCP said that two pistols and cartridges of live cartridges have been found from Pimpu’s possession.

Puneet Soni alias Pimpu, a shooter from Jalandhar district of Punjab, was arrested by the Maharashtra Police. After firing bullets at Himanshu Saundhi, son of Akali leader Subhash Saundhi in Gopalnagar, Pimpu, the shooter of the fifth gang, was hiding in a hotel and fled to McLeodganj in Dharamsala and from there to Shirdi in Maharashtra. Seeing the suspicious activities, the hotel staff had informed the police and caught them.

When Pimpu was caught and interrogated by the police from Shirdi, they came to know that he is a gangster and has run away after committing the crime. The Maharashtra Police immediately informed the Jalandhar Police. The Jalandhar Police Commissioner immediately sent a police party to Shirdi to bring Pimpu to Jalandhar.

Pimpu is suspicious due to the way of asking for money

In Shirdi, Pimpu had made a 10 day aggregation booking of the hotel where he was staying. On completion of 10 days, the hoteliers asked Pimpu to vacate the room. On this Pimpu said to proceed with his booking. When the hoteliers asked Pimpu for money, he started circling the phone here and there for money.

The hotel staff suspected that Pimpu was not a common tourist but a criminal. After this, the staff secretly informed the Shirdi police. Taking immediate action, the police arrested Pimpu in the hotel itself.

Gang head Pancham Noor surrendered

Gangster Pancham Noor alias Pancham, who opened fire on the son of an Akali leader in Gopalnagar, surrendered himself to the police. In the firing of Pancham and his associates, Himanshu Saundhi, son of Akali leader Subhash Saundhi, had narrowly escaped, but a young man going home on scooty from his in-laws’ house in Gopalnagar with his family was shot in the leg.

The entire incident was captured in the CCTV cameras installed there. The attackers fled from the spot in a car after firing. Gangster Pancham Noor is a history sheeter. About 10 cases are registered against him in different police stations. When Pancham fled to Himachal after committing the crime, Pimpu was also with him. According to the CCTV footage, Pimpu also opened fire.

The police had also raided a hotel in McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh to nab them, but both of them fled after leaving their car there. After this the police had put pressure on Pancham’s family, due to which Pancham broke down and he himself surrendered to the police. But Pimpu did not surrender and fled from Himachal to Maharashtra. The police had also arrested Arun, the manager of the hotel that shelters Pancham and Pimpu in McLeodganj (Dharamsala Himachal).

14 Firing was done in Gopal Nagar on April night

Gangster Pancham and his accomplices attacked Himanshu Saundhi, son of Akali leader Subhash Saundhi, in Gopal Nagar at around 10.45 pm on April 14. Pancham and his partner Pimpu had also opened fire on Himanshu. In this firing, Himanshu narrowly escaped, but a person named Harmel Singh alias Devgan, who was going on a scooter from his in-laws’ house in Gopal Nagar to his house with Tobri Mohalla family, was shot in the leg.

Shooter Puneet Soni aka Pimpu

The whole incident was captured in the CCTV cameras. The gangster escaped in a car after firing at Himanshu, the son of the Akali leader. The police started the search for everyone by taking the CCTV footage in their possession. Police raided on the basis of inputs and arrested three criminals who supported Pancham from Uttarakhand and Jalandhar.

Police has arrested four members including Pancham

The three gang members who were nabbed by the police before Pancham’s surrender include Amit Kalyan alias Subhana, Deepak Bhatti alias Kaka and Nikhil alias Sahil alias Kela, residents of village Subhana. Police arrested Amit and Deepak from Dehradun (Uttarakhand), while Nikhil was arrested from Jalandhar. After Subhana’s arrest, her family members took the footage of the CCTV cameras to the police.

He had claimed that Amit Kalyan aka Subhana was at home on the day and time of the incident, but police said that Subhana had a lot of friendship with Pancham. After interrogating him, Pancham’s whereabouts have to be found, so he has been taken into custody. It was only after questioning Subhana that the police raided McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh.


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