Plan for police department involves new programs

Mar. 2—Hiring a social worker to manage Joplin Police Department assignments and establishing a gun buyback program are among initiatives to be launched by the Joplin Police Department. Joplin.

Details of a number of new programs and operations for the department will be given Monday at a Joplin City Council meeting.

Among the new programs, there will be the creation of a volunteer police athletic league to create interaction between young people in the community and police officers.

The department also intends to launch a volunteer mentoring program led by female officers to help young women on juvenile probation and parole, according to presentation materials.

Justice Center

Separately, a council bill to spend nearly $598,000 to replace water pipes at the Donald E. Clark Justice Center will return for a final decision.

The council introduced the measure on February 5. Some council members questioned the need to replace all the pipes and others cited the expense and comments or questions from residents about spending that amount of money when there is an election question this year for decide whether to or not. construct new buildings for the justice center complex.

Listed on the agenda for final readings is the contract with Satterlee Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Co. to replace water lines at a cost of $597,756.

City administrators said half the cost would be paid by a grant obtained by the city for infrastructure projects in the building.

The council recently agreed to put a property tax before voters in August to generate funds for the proposed construction of a new downtown headquarters for the Public Safety Building. The replacement buildings were initially proposed for $65 million to $67.3 million, but a new cost estimate for an updated plan could add $900,000 to the cost.

Other business

A construction deal worth more than $2.55 million is proposed for construction work that would be carried out by Rosetta Construction for the Glendale Parallel…

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