Photo of Lionel Messi tattooed on Argentinian corn farm: watch

Photo of Lionel Messi tattooed on Argentinian corn farm: watch

Lionel Messi is one of football’s greatest icons. The Argentine striker is a legend in his own league and is revered around the world for his outstanding achievements and footballing genius.

As a serial winner at club level, Messi has reached the pinnacle of his national team achievements over the past two years. He first won the Copa America in 2021 and then backed it to lift the World Cup in 2022. It was a historic moment for Los Albicelestes as they lifted the World Cup after a 36-year gap.

After that, thousands of fans around the world tattooed their idol’s face and name on their bodies. And recently, an Argentinian corn farm went a step further by tattooing the entire farm with Messi’s face.

The advanced farming technique enabled the farm to bring the amazing concept to life and they shared the software so others could replicate the same.

In the village named Ballesteros, located about 500km northwest of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, the farmhouse has taken on a new look with Messi’s face embroidered into the dirt. Farmer Charly Faricelli recently explained his vision for getting the Messi tattoo.

“The idea was a tribute from the agricultural world to Messi, whether he won the World Cup or not, and thank goodness!” he said to AFP.

The size of the pitch is around four football pitches and Messi’s photo can only be seen from above. As the corn grows, the tattoo will become much more visible to onlookers.

“It’s an agricultural ‘tattoo'”, said Faricelli.

Faricelli continued that “With advances in technology, the tractor knows exactly, as it goes, how many seeds to sow where.”

“We identify with the national team, because it suffered before winning, and the agricultural world is also suffering”, he concluded, referring to the great drought that ravaged the fertile plains of the Argentine pampas.

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