PFI stands for ‘Poison for India’. TOU

PFI stands for ‘Poison for India’.

PFI stands for ‘Poison for India’.

PFI has taken root not only in the country but also abroad. It has links with many terrorist organizations. In order to spread terrorism and riots in the country, this group collects money from abroad and sends it to India through hawala.

Karauli, Khargone, Jahangirpuri, Kanpur — these are cities or areas of different states. But there are many similarities. First, Islamic extremists orchestrated violence in these places. Second, the violence was one-sided, well-planned and started from mosques without provocation. The third and most important similarity is that the mastermind of the four riots was the Popular Front of India (PFI). These are just four recent examples. PFI is a new form of radical Islamic bloodbath that spread violence in India before and after independence. On the one hand, the recommendation to ban PFI is being considered, while on the other hand, it is engaged in carrying out fearless, violent, separatist activities.

Financing from China
There are many forces involved in the campaign to destabilize India. From Hizbul Mujahideen to Indian Mujahideen, all radical organizations thrive on foreign money and local cooperation. The story of PFI is no different. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has recently filed a chargesheet in the PMLA court. In it, the ED has revealed that PFI is engaged in inciting the youth of the country under the guise of terror funding, anti-citizenship amendment law activities, Delhi riots and disputed structure in Ayodhya. At the same time, he is uniting the radical elements by showing fear of the NRC and the Uniform Civil Code.

Not only this, the ED has also disclosed PFI’s relations with China. Rauf Sharif, a key PFI operative lodged in Ernakulam jail in Kerala, has a close relationship with Beijing. This is the same Rauf Sharif, who was involved in a conspiracy to spread violence after the incident of gang rape of a Dalit girl in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. He got Rs 1 crore from China under the guise of mask business. Rauf has been an employee of Race International, a leading company in Oman. The company has four directors, including two Chinese and two NRIs from Kerala. Rauf also visited China in 2019 and 2020. A large sum of money was put into his account from China. It is believed that this amount was given to PFI.

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is the masked political organization of the PFI, to which Kaleem Pasha is associated. Pasha was involved in the Bengaluru riots. A relative of the Congress Dalit MLA had shared a post on social media. Under the pretext of this post, SDPI and PFI had thrown Bengaluru into the fire of riots. Pasha was hired by the Chinese company JumpMonkey Promotion India Pvt. Ltd. Five lakh rupees were received from. This amount reached the account of operatives like Anshad Basudin. Anshad was arrested by anti-terror squad in Uttar Pradesh with IED and pistol. Three lakh rupees were transferred to Anshad from PFI’s account. PFI has set up committees in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which collect cash and send PFI to India through hawala. Is it just a coincidence that the campaign against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on social media started from these countries.

Alliances with terrorist organizations
PFI is not only causing riots in the country, its wires are also connected with terrorist organizations. The henchmen of this radical organization, which trained its cadres to wield swords and make explosives, are now joining terrorist organizations. Simi had similarly set up an organization called Indian Mujahideen. The PFI is now providing cadres for the Islamic State (IS), also strengthening alliances with terrorist and separatist organizations in different parts of the country.

A news channel had recently made several sensational revelations quoting intelligence sources. According to it, when violence broke out in Tripura in October-November last year, PFI united and incited Muslims for armed violence. Not only that, PFI has also formed an alliance with the banned terrorist organization Ansar-al-Islam. This organization was formed in 2017 by merging Jabat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front), Ansar Al-Din Front, Jaish Al-Sunna, Liwa Al-Haq and Noor Al-Din Al-Janki. PFI is helping this organization to spread its legs in India. The PFI provided cadres for Islamic State, as far as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Many people of PFI have been arrested in India due to their affiliation with IS.

According to the ED, PFI has also formed a ‘hit squad’. This squad has been formed to carry out terrorist activities in the country. On December 3, 2020, through this squad, PFI had also hatched a conspiracy of terrorist attack. But in the meantime the ED raided. The ED has also received some documents which reveal that the ongoing hijab dispute in Karnataka is also a gift of PFI. Meanwhile, Assam Police has claimed that PFI has also formed an alliance with Bangladesh’s Islamic terrorist group Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). ABT considers Al Qaeda as its role model. Recently, Assam Police arrested 15 terrorists from Barpeta district and revealed a module of ABT. These were all associated with ABT. One of them, Hussain, was the chairman of PFI Barpeta district unit. Assam Police has so far registered 16 cases against PFI. Overall PFI is now trying to activate its political unit SDPI in the Northeast.

The conspiracy of Kanpur violence was also hatched by PFI. This was revealed by Uttar Pradesh Police on June 7. The three PFI operatives arrested by the police in this case have gone to jail for anti-CAA violence in December 2020.

PFI lit Kanpur fire
The conspiracy of Kanpur violence was also hatched by PFI. This was revealed by Uttar Pradesh Police on June 7. The three PFI operatives arrested by the police in this case have already gone to jail for anti-CAA violence in December 2020. During the investigation of Kanpur violence, the involvement of these three has been confirmed through CDR of mobile numbers and WhatsApp chat. Their names are- Mohammad Omar, a resident of Bajaria, Saifullah, a resident of Philkhana and Mohammad Naseem Ahmed of Colonelganj.

According to Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena, the three were in touch with Hyatt Zafar Hashmi and were constantly talking to each other about market closure and violence. Hashmi’s strings are connected with PFI and other political parties. Now a new revelation has come from his mobile. He created 141 WhatsApp groups to discuss market closures and violence. Every moment of the day of violence was being updated by these groups. Some of the rioters were posting videos of the occasion and some were sending photos and messages. Hyatt Zafar was instructing to close the market through these groups.

Relation of PFI to SDPI
PFI calls itself a social organization, but in order to establish Sharia rule in India, it set up SDPI on June 21, 2009, which it describes as a political organization. PFI does not want to repeat the mistakes that Simi made. His cadre remembers how the Jamaat rescued him and then how the police arrested each of his henchmen through records. Therefore PFI does not keep any record of its cadre. Therefore, after the arrest of any of his cadres, it becomes very difficult for the investigating agencies to link PFI with that incident. SDPI is a dual membership organization. The henchmen of PFI are also members of SDPI, but if one does not want to get involved in political activities, he can simply remain a member of PFI. On April 13, 2010, the Election Commission gave it the status of a registered party.

SDPI activism in Karnataka
SDPI is very active in Muslim-majority areas of Karnataka. Its focus is more on local body elections. In the 2013 body elections, SDPI won 21 seats, which increased to 121 by 2018. By 2021, it has captured three bodies of Udupi district. In the 2013 assembly elections, it had fielded candidates for 23 seats for the first time, but the bail of its candidates was forfeited except in one seat. Similarly, in the Lok Sabha elections, SDPI fielded candidates for 20 seats in Kerala, 4 in Bengal, 2 in Tamil Nadu and one each in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. But the SDPI soon realized that by contesting the elections, the votes of Muslims would be divided.

PFI’s involvement in Kanpur violence has also come to light

In 2019, it fielded candidates for 14 seats, but polarized votes for other parties in most of the seats to defeat the BJP. In Karnataka, it had openly campaigned for the Congress, for which it was rewarded. In fact, after the Karnataka Assembly elections in 2013, when the Congress government was formed under the leadership of Siddaramaiah, 176 cases against 1600 operatives of SDPI and PFI were withdrawn. Cases were registered against them for spreading communal frenzy during the BJP government. SDPI had a political alliance with the Congress in Kerala till September 2019. That is, when Rahul Gandhi was elected MP from Wayanad, he had the support of SDPI or PFI.

What is PFI?
When the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), which claims to have established Islamic power through violence in India, was banned in 2002, its cadre disintegrated into different organizations. PFI is a new form of the same SIMI, which was formed on February 17, 2007 with the merger of three Muslim organizations in South India. These included Kerala’s National Democratic Front, Karnataka’s Forum for Dignity and Tamil Nadu’s Manitha Niti Pasrai. PFI claims that it is currently active in 23 states. It also has many branches, including organizations like National Women’s Front for women and Campus Front of India for students.

The members of SIMI who were divided into different organizations, also gradually started coming under the banner of PFI. Other organizations which merged with PFI in the same order include Goa Citizens Forum, Community Social and Educational Society of Rajasthan, Civil Rights Protection Committee of West Bengal, Lilong Social Forum of Manipur and Association of Social Justice of Andhra Pradesh. . PFI also has several subsidiary organizations. These include Rehab India Foundation, Indian Fertility Forum, Confederation of Muslim Institutions in India, Muslim Relief Network (MRN) and Satya Sarani-Markaz-ul-Hidaya.

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