Petrol crashes ahead of Australia Day

Petrol crashes ahead of Australia Day

Petrol prices fell across the country just in time for the Australia Day bank holiday as drivers prepared to hit the road.

Motorists in Perth are enjoying the biggest drop in price, with regular unleaded petrol falling to 166.1 cents a liter – below the wholesale price of 169.6.

Sydney’s lowest petrol price is currently 167.4 cents per litre, the second cheapest behind Perth.

As unleaded petrol prices fall below wholesale prices, NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury is urging motorists to fill up.

“Oil prices have largely maintained their downward trajectory over the past few months and thankfully the Sydney price cycle calendar appears to have bottomed out just as families hit the road,” Mr. Khoury.

With Australia Day falling on a Thursday this year, millions of Australians are expected to take Friday off as well, turning their Australia Day break into an extra-long weekend.

Despite the widespread falls, Mr Khoury suggests that motorists should always seek the best price.

“Finding the cheapest fuel and filling it up now when prices have bottomed out could help a family – driving a standard family sedan – save up to $30 on a tank of fuel,” he said. declared.

“Amid soaring inflation, this will go a long way to helping families.”

In Sydney, there is a price differential of 54 cents per liter between the cheapest and most expensive fuel.

The average petrol price in Sydney is expected to rise again soon, with a low of 190 cents per liter at the peak of the next price cycle.

The cheapest gasoline in each capital city (ranked from cheapest to most expensive)


166.1 cents per liter


167.4 cents per liter


173.6 cents per liter


174.3 cents per liter


175.6 cents per liter

6. Adelaide

176.2 cents per liter


176.9 cents per liter

8. Hobart

180.7 cents per liter