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Perspectives Gaming and Web3, what can we find on the market? Report

Where gaming and finance meet in Web3, it’s called GameFi, and it’s grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. There are even several data analysis resources out there to try and determine which are the most popular blockchain and web3 games currently available. Cointelegraph Research dove into this topic head-on and developed a Top 20 Games report.

The report goes over some of the differences between Web2 and Web3 games and some of the evolution of GameFi. Discussing gaming to win and gaming to own, as well as providing “insider insights” from industry C-suite executives, this report provides insight into the current state of GameFi and potentially its next. evolution. .

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Along with an overview of 20 games, there’s also a section on some of the most anticipated games due out soon. This report is also suitable for a casual crypto investor who wants to keep up to date with various industry trends to anyone looking to find out which Web3 game to try next.

GameFi combines blockchain, protocols, developers, investors and users

Web3 game goes way beyond a studio by creating an engaging story slapped with cool graphics. Unlike Web2 or “traditional gaming”, which uses a game engine like Unreal Engine for example, the incorporation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) makes owning a part of the game and gives players control over the platform a reality. The use and tokenization of different cryptographic protocols also allows greater ability to invest in the ecosystem of a particular game, such as Axie Infinity.

Source: Cointelegraph Research “Top 20 Blockchain Games Report”

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