Passengers at this US airport have the longest journey to their gate

Although travel disruptions and long lines at security checkpoints are something most travelers keep in mind when planning their arrival at the airport, many fail to consider the distance between check-in and their boarding gate.

With some airport terminals stretching more than a mile in length, the walk can take more than 20 minutes, meaning some late arrivals may have to make a hasty jog.

Forty percent of Americans surveyed are “annoyed” by a long walk to their airport gate, according to a February 2024 survey by KURU shoes.

As busy summer travel approaches, KURU Footwear sought to measure the 10 largest and smallest U.S. airports by square footage (excluding those focused on private jets). Researchers analyzed airport maps and Google Maps to determine the walking distance in each terminal to the nearest and farthest gates.

Not surprisingly, the busiest airports, called major connecting hubs, had the longest walking distances for travelers, such as Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Denver International Airport. Fortunately, most of these major airports offer concourse trains and moving walkways to make traveling between terminals easier.

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Some travelers will avoid the hassle of larger airports altogether, with 41% of survey participants saying they specifically booked their trip to a smaller airport “for convenience.”

“Interestingly, 36 percent of Americans prefer to fly out of a larger airport, while 19 percent prefer smaller airports,” Victoria Schmid, a spokesperson for KURU Footwear, told USA TODAY in a statement. “Forty-five percent say they don’t care about the size of the airport at all when booking a trip, but choose it based on convenience (i.e. distance from their home or destination).Many airports in the United States are expanding and under construction will become larger and accommodate larger crowds as travel continues to grow in a post-pandemic world.

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