Parents were wrongly told their child’s school was closed. Wake blames “human error.”

The Wake County school system is apologizing for an error that led to families at the wrong school being notified the campus was on code red lockdown.

Apex High School was briefly placed on lockdown Monday morning due to what turned out to be a prank threat. But instead of informing Apex High School families that the campus was in code red, the district instead sent an alert to Apex Friendship High School families that their school was on lockdown.

In a code red, no one is allowed to enter or leave campus until law enforcement gives a clear message. Students remain in their class until the lockdown is lifted.

“We apologize for any distress this error may have caused,” Wake said in a statement Wednesday. “While timely communications are a priority in emergency situations, errors like this should never happen. We are reviewing our processes to ensure this does not happen again.

April Fools’ Day hoax threats

On Monday, multiple phone calls across North Carolina claimed active shooters were attacking different schools, according to documents uncovered by ABC News.

The North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center bulletin states that all calls were determined to be April Fool’s Day hoaxes, according to ABC11News & Observer’s news-gathering partner.

Students at Apex High School change classes between its five main buildings and several detached modular classrooms on January 28, 2016.

“On Monday morning, Apex High School was placed on code red lockdown due to a potential threat,” Wake said in the statement. “While the Apex High School Website was updated with this information in real time, the message regarding the lockdown was mistakenly sent via text and voice call to Apex Friendship High families.

“This was a human error and not the result of a problem with our email system.”

As soon as the communications team was alerted to the error, Brian Pittman, principal of Apex Friendship High. sent a message to families that the school…

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