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The state of the streaming business can be summed up right at the beginning of Paramount+’s new Super Bowl ad: “On Paramount Mountain, the stakes get higher.”

The streaming business is at a turning point, as Netflix is ​​ahead of the pack and everyone else is struggling to turn a profit, Paramount Global is betting that the biggest TV event of the year, the Super Bowl, will be the key to its streaming business. Can help in taking it forward. Metaphor at its peak.

It’s part of what Paramount Streaming executive VP, CMO and head of data Dominic DiMeglio calls in an interview, “a huge moment not just for Paramount+, but for Paramount Streaming broadly.”

Paramount+ will stream the big game, hopefully driving in new subscribers (though it won’t be exclusive, like Peacock’s NFL Wild Card play), but the company will also use the game to launch new campaigns for its two streaming platforms. Has been.

The company is planning a new installment of its Paramount Mountain campaign, what it’s calling its “most star-studded chapter yet”, and unveiling a new brand identity for free streaming service Pluto TV, Due to which some out of 100 are expected to be convinced. Or so many million viewers ready to try out the FAST service in what will be its first-ever Super Bowl ad.

In the Paramount+ spot, Sir Patrick Stewart stars, joined by Drew Barrymore, Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, Jeff Probst, Peppa Pig, Master Chief and, crucially, Arnold. Hey Arnold!

After failing to summit, Stewart dons old-time football gear and grabs hold of a character with a football-shaped head to see if that can help him reach the top.

“I think we felt we needed to raise the bar even higher, given that we’re a streaming home…

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