Outrage in Hindu organizations over Udaipur massacre, VHP blows up effigy of jihad TOU

Outrage in Hindu organizations over Udaipur massacre, VHP blows up effigy of jihad

Outrage in Hindu organizations over Udaipur massacre, VHP blows up effigy of jihad

In Dehradun, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists today opened a front against the radical Islamic jihadists in protest of the Udaipur massacre and burnt the effigy of the radical Islamic jihad. At the call of Bajrang Dal in Gandhi Park, the Hindu community openly opposed the radical Islamic jihadists. Meanwhile, the speakers said that in the current situation, heinous plots are on the rise among the radical Islamic forces, who are constantly killing innocent Hindus and threatening Islam in the name of the Prophet. Took life

Defying the law and order situation in the country, these radical jihadi forces are pushing the society towards civil war like completely uncontrollable mad dogs. It is time to identify those who are really promoting these radical jihadi forces and take action against them. From the small madrassas built in Gali Mohalla where innocent children are brainwashed and made to realize the happy death that will be found after jihad before they live life. He is said to have defined jihad from fidayeen attacks to spreading unrest in the country. Then he constantly carries out terrorist activities in the society by dissolving the feeling of animosity in the society and the biggest thing is that he carries out these murders by reciting Kalma and Fatwa quoting from Quran and Hadith.

The speaker Vikas Verma said that the way a propaganda of arrogance was run all over the country in the name of weaver prophet and big events were organized and Muslims like Islamic gurus, Muslim political organizations, opportunists Asaduddin Owaisi, Azam Khan, Madani. Radical Muslims have been incited by leaders and Islamic terrorist organizations like PFI in India to carry out such killings. Their morale has been boosted and these killings are being carried out by jihadists after taking full responsibility of their families. Its biggest center is Darul Uloom in Deoband, where the teachings of this jihad are given to a large number of Muslim youths and such incidents are carried out by those radical jihadists all over the country. There are fears of more such incidents in the womb of the future, so the governments have to take a tough stance and work for the speedy determination of such convicts, otherwise this dormant volcano of Hindu society will erupt.

Meanwhile, people marched on foot outside the Congress building at Kwality Chowk and burnt the effigy of radical Islamic forces and demanded immediate execution of Gaus Mohammad, Riaz, the killers of Kanhaiya in the Udaipur incident. On this occasion a large number of people present Hindu society and activists participated in which metropolitan organization minister Amit Kumar, department minister Rajendra Rajput, co-convenor Ashish Baluni vice president, Rajesh Singh, Sunny Sonkar, Vishal Kumar, Anuj Verma, Maninder Kakkad, Mukesh Hundreds of people including Anand, Vijay Gupta, Sandeep Wadhwa, Prabhat Verma, Sunil Mason, Vicky Mann, Neeraj Rastogi, Shubham Chauhan were present.


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