North Carolina will hold a second primary on May 14. Here’s why and what you need to know

Super Tuesday has passed, but there is still one election left before North Carolinians vote in the November general election.

The runoff election, otherwise known as the second primarywill take place on May 14.

Here’s what you need to know to participate, according to the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Who is running for the second primary?

A second-place candidate may request a second round if neither candidate obtains more than 30% of the votes.

The following candidates will run in a second primary to determine who advances to the general election ticket.

  • Republican Lieutenant Governor: Hal Weatherman and Jim O’Neill

  • Republican State Auditor: Jack Clark and Dave Boliek

  • Republican U.S. House District 13 (which encompasses Johnston County and parts of Harnett, Wake, and Wayne counties): Kelly Daughtry and Brad Knott

  • Republican from the South Point Township district on the Gaston County Board of Commissioners: Jim Bailey and Ronnie Worley

Do I have the right to vote in the second primary?

Any voter registered in a contest’s district and who voted in the primary of the first party in the contest is eligible to participate. Unaffiliated voters, who live in the race’s district, can participate if they did not vote in the first primary or if they voted in the party’s primary that corresponds to the race’s runoff.

North Carolinians who are not registered voters cannot register between the first and second primaries (unless they became eligible between the first and second primaries).

What is the timetable for the second round of elections?

  • March 30: Board of Elections begins sending absentee ballots

  • April 25 – May 11: in-person early voting

  • May 7: Last day to request a postal vote

  • May 14: Election Day, absentee ballots required

This article was originally published on Wilmington StarNews: Why is North Carolina having a second primary election in 2024?

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