Nikki Haley wins Nevada primary without Trump on the ballot

Nikki Haley suffered an embarrassing defeat in the Republican presidential primary in Nevada on Tuesday, receiving fewer votes than the “none of the above” option, according to the Associated Press.

This is a contest that former President Trump did not participate in and that the state party attempted to have overturned. Nonetheless, a combination of intense support for Trump and disgust for Haley among the state’s Republican voters combined to inflict an unusual humiliation on her.

Trump will appear in the Nevada elections later this week

Trump is expected to win the Republican caucuses on Thursday. This contest, not the primary, will decide who wins The 26 delegates from Nevada. The eventual winner of the Republican presidential primary will be you need to win 1,215 delegates to get the nomination. Trump has 33 delegates to Haley’s 17.

Haley’s campaign manager said this week that the Nevada caucuses were “rigged for Trump” and said Haley had “not spent a dime or an ounce of energy on Nevada.” Because Haley had participated in the primaries, the Republican Party decided that she was prohibited from participating in the caucuses.

Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Reno, Nevada. December 17, 2023. Reuters/Carlos Barria/File photo

Why Nevada is having 2 primary elections

The confusing situation in Nevada stems from a disagreement between the state’s Republicans and Democrats. Democrats in the Nevada Legislature passed a law in 2021 that moved the state from a caucus to a primary system.

Caucuses are famous because of Iowa, but they are much less common across the country because they limit the number of voters to a much smaller number. Voters must show up at a certain time on a certain day, usually at night, and they must remain at the caucus site for an extended period of time to hear speeches and follow the voting process.

In a primary, voters can show up during polling hours on Election Day, vote, and leave. And many states now offer early voting, which…

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