NFT of a dot tweet first in online auction TOU

NFT of a dot tweet first in online auction


NFT of a dot tweet first in online auction

NFTs – like Raphael’s painting of Madonna del Cordellino (‘Madonna of the Goldfinch’) – are in place, but the first tweet of the Tut auction indicates that the trend is slipping.

One of the first tweets ever posted on Twitter was that the NFT had trouble attracting bidders on Thursday, a shameful $ 10,000 so far — the highest offer ever to buy for $ 2.9 million a year.

The famous opening Twitter post by co-founder Jack Dorsey is heading towards an epic failure, marking the declining interest in non-fungal tokens (NFTs) used by athletes, artists, celebrities and tech stars.

It has spent more than a week bidding on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. The best offer was in cryptocurrency ether, whose current value is just under $ 10,000, according to the website.

The historic first tweet from @Jack’s account was “Setting up my twttr only.”

Sina Estawi, a Malaysian businessman, bought the tweet as an authorized virtual object known as NFT earlier last year for $ 2.9 million, but received $ 48 million at auction last week, hoping to donate a portion of it to charities. .

Dorsey first sold his tweet as NFT on Ether.

Blockchain technology used to create tokens allows people to own virtual objects with demonstrable reliability.

Estavi is one of the early players in the NFT market and is the CEO of Bridge Oracle, a blockchain platform.

The NFT trend includes the digital work of American artist People, which sold for $ 69.3 million at Christie’s auction.

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                                        The first tweet received $ 2.9 million at auction
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