NFL Sunday Ticket Super Bowl ad with YouTube TV feature includes Hot Ones star – The Hollywood Reporter

YouTube is rocking this year’s Super Bowl ad.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers may be facing off in the big game, but the streaming video platform is leaning on the NFL’s bird-themed teams, dubbed “Migration.”

The ad, which will air just before kick-off, sees flocks of the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks flying across the sky as a bird observer tracks them.

Eagles star D’Andre Swift shouts out, “Like the sun, they always come back.” “That’s why it’s never too early to prepare for the upcoming season by signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV.”

The ad also features cameos from popular YouTube creators hot ones Host Shawn Evans, as well as Destroying and Pearson Wodzinski, naturally, had a plate of hot wings in front of them.

Check out the locations below:

The timing of the ad is fortuitous, with YouTube CEO Neil Mohan saying this week that YouTube TV now has more than 8 million subscribers, up nearly 3 million from less than 2 years ago. YouTube added NFL Sunday Ticket last season, suggesting that this growth is at least partially attributable to the premium sports service.

Now it’s using the biggest NFL game of the year to promote the service for next season, which is expected to bring even more benefits to customers.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told heart The possibility of YouTube bidding for Sunday Ticket has been discussed over the years at the Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, playoff games and Google’s Zeitgeist conference. It culminated with the league appearing at YouTube’s Brandcast event at Lincoln Center…

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