New Jersey woman sings Taylor Swift hits: “Eras Tour” while awake in the operating room during brain surgery

A Stanhope, New Jersey mom has taken her love for Taylor Swift to a new level.

Selena Campione, 36, underwent brain surgery on January 31, 2024 — but it was no ordinary procedure.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Campione shared that she has been to numerous doctors to treat some strange symptoms that began to appear in March 2023.

These included tingling and numbness on the right side of the body, which progressed to an inability to hold objects in the right hand.


“I couldn’t use my right arm, the right side of my face was swelling and I would have difficulty speaking,” she said.

“I almost got stuck.”

Selena Campione (right) wears her Taylor Swift-inspired t-shirts with another teacher. (Hackensack Meridian Health)

Campione, a private school teacher, described how her symptoms continued to worsen and led to problems walking.

“My right leg — I wouldn’t even feel it,” she said. “I wouldn’t have any feeling in my foot. Some of my skin would turn purple. I wouldn’t feel anything.”

The woman and mother sought help from various experts, including neurologists and MRI specialists, and spent several hospital stays. She said she was prescribed eight different medications.

TAYLOR SWIFT SUPERFAN spent almost $9,000 to attend the 12 Eras Tour concerts

This happened until she contacted Dr. Nitesh Patel, a neurosurgeon and co-director of the neurosurgical oncology program at Hackensack Meridian Health at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

In the same interview with Fox News Digital, Patel recounted his first encounter with Campione’s imaging, which led him to believe it was a larger problem.

On the left is Campione, along with one of her nurses and on the far right is Dr. Patel. He said Hackensack Meridian has performed more awake brain surgeries than any other network in the state.

Patel broke the news to Campione that she had one

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