New Hampshire teens provide weekend snacks and meals to hungry peers

In New Hampshire, one in 12 children faces hunger, and families in the state reporting insufficient nutrition increased from 44% of respondents to 54% between February and April 2023, according to census data. This represents around 50,000 additional households struggling to put enough food on their table.

Fueled by Kids, a nonprofit organization founded and run by teens in Bedford, New Hampshire, fills the 67-hour gap between when students receive school lunch on Friday afternoon and when they receive school breakfast on Monday mornings, easing the food anxiety that many of them have. that children live because they do not know when or where they will have their next meal.


In Boston, connecting meals to learning

Each week, Fueled by Kids members gather for their club meeting at Bedford High School, then pick up the food they’ve pre-ordered from local grocers. They partner with other high schools to package bags of groceries – all ready to eat or simple enough for students to prepare themselves – which are then distributed to more than 20 schools serving more than 1,000 students . The recipients are all anonymous to Fueled by Kids organizers, identified by school counselors and principals as students who may face food insecurity over the weekend. All funds raised by Fueled by Kids go directly toward the purchase of food to distribute.

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