Nepal, led by Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, raised its voice against China TOU

Nepal, led by Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, raised its voice against China


Nepal, led by Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, raised its voice against China

The main point
  • Citizens of Nepal China Anti-China protests in the country against the growing influence of
  • China is trying to expand its political, economic and cultural footprint in Nepal
  • China blocks Rasuwagadhi and Tatopa borders, does not allow movement of goods, will affect Sino-Nepalese relations

One wonders how a change in leadership could overturn the country’s diplomacy. When KP Sharma Oli was the Prime Minister of Nepal, China was heavily involved in Nepal’s political affairs. In the Oli government China Diplomacy has decency Cross all boundaries Did and Communist Party of Nepal Deeply interfering in the internal affairs of China China was acting as a consumer country in Nepal and had to Debt trap Was trying to swallow. But since Share Bahadur Deuba Nepal has changed since coming to power. In fact, China wants to establish its dominance in Nepal’s political, economic and cultural affairs, but on Wednesday, Nepalese citizens China There were anti-China demonstrations in the country against the growing influence of

In Nepal, people took to the streets against China

Nepali News Website Newshab According to him, anti-China protests in Nepal have intensified. Newshub reports that the Independent Civil Society (Independent Civil Group) has taken to the streets against China in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. He criticized China for “interfering” in Nepal’s political and economic affairs and the communist country for encroaching on Nepal’s lands in the northern districts. Protesters chanted slogans such as “Stop Chinese interference”, “Stop border encroachment” and “Ensure safe passage for Nepali students studying in China.”

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Ramu Lama, an opponent Said,China Arbitrary blockade of Raswa and Tatopani outposts and severed Nepal’s ties with its allies. At the same time, observers claim that China is taking unnecessary and often harsh measures against Nepalis. A trader quoted by KhabarHub said “The Chinese forced him to pay a hefty sum of Rs 2 to 3 lakh per year as house rent in the Kerung area of ​​Nepal.” In fact, in November 2021, a report published in a Nepali newspaper stated that China’s intelligence agency was playing an “active role” in destabilizing Nepal’s relations with other countries.

Many social organizations in Nepal are against China

Let me tell you that China has tried to expand its political, economic and cultural footprint in Nepal. With its open and secret activities The Chinese occupied the villages of Nepal It is also influencing Nepalese politicians and using diplomatic pressure to sabotage India-Nepal relations. However, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba, has saved Nepal from increasing Chinese interference in the Oli era. This is a positive initiative for Nepal-India relations. Some Nepalese social organizations have criticized China’s conspiracy to expand its reach into the landlocked country (a country whose borders or beaches meet only by land or closed sea) and have staged protest rallies against the communist country.

Nepal-China relations could be in jeopardy

Running in Nepal Exhibitions It is now having an impact on Sino-Nepalese relations. According to the report, Rasuwagadhi and Tatopani borders have been blocked by China and transportation of goods has not been allowed. China itself is in Nepal for its belt and road ambitions Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border Was declared as the main road. At the same time, Oli also sought to appease China’s communist leadership and take special measures to open Nepal’s borders with its northern neighbor. In 2016, the Sino-Nepalese Transit Agreement allowed Nepal to import and export goods from third countries through Chinese ports.

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From China to Nepal Attached to the ground Promised to change the country but Nepali businessmen can no longer reach China. Rasuwa and Tatopani are the two main border posts for bilateral trade between Nepal and China and China has blocked both these posts. This is now angering the people of Nepal and encouraging more violent protests against the communist country. In such Sino-Nepalese relations During the reign of Sher Bahadur Deuba, Nepal raised its voice against China and it seems difficult to redevelop it.

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