Narrator: What is Musk really doing with the gun to Twitter? TOU

Narrator: What is Musk really doing with the gun to Twitter?


Narrator: What is Musk really doing with the gun to Twitter?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, speaks at the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition in Washington on Monday, March 9, 2020. Mercury billionaire Elon Musk says he wants to buy Twitter now. Freedom of speech. ”

Mercury billionaire Elon Musk says he now wants to buy Twitter outright, taking it personally to restore its commitment to “free speech”. But his offer, which appeared to have plummeted to investors on Thursday, raises a number of questions as to how it will be answered.

Among them: Is he serious? Can he get the money together? Does a sale make shareholders happy? What will the social platform look like if he wins?

Why is Musk interested in Twitter?

Apparently, he says the service does not live up to its potential as a “platform for free speech”. Musk stressed that he was not interested in making money from Twitter, and on Thursday said his motivation was “having a public platform that is as reliable and broad as possible is vital to the future of civilization.”

Twitter, like other social media sites, suspends accounts that violate content standards, including violence, hate speech or malicious misinformation. Donald Trump’s suspension has sparked outrage among supporters of the former president.

Musk described himself as a “free speech completer” – but he blocked Twitter users from questioning or disagreeing with him. Regulators have also accused his car company, Tesla, of retaliating against black workers who spoke out about discrimination.

Has Musk said where he will get the funds to buy Twitter?

No. His regulatory filing further states that the offer is subject to “completion of expected funding”.

During a stage interview Thursday at the TED 2022 conference, Musk vaguely stated that he had “enough assets” to complete the deal: “If possible, I can do it.”

Can he buy Twitter directly from his personal wealth?

According to Forbes, Musk is the world’s richest man with nearly $ 265 billion in assets. But most of his money is tied up in Tesla shares – worth more than $ 1 trillion, according to FactSet – and he owns 17% of the company, according to SpaceX, his private space agency, SpaceX. It is not clear how much money Kasturi has.

“I think it’s a bit painful, I do not really know if I can get it,” Musk said in his Thursday interview.

Musk could sell Tesla shares and raise money — which could affect Tesla’s share price — or borrow against his stock. But Forbes notes that he has already used more than half of his Tesla shares as a credit network.

Will Twitter shareholders be happy with his offer?

The stock traded lower at $ 54.20 a share on Thursday, with investors skeptical of the deal. The stock has traded above $ 70 in the last 12 months and rose to $ 80.75 in February 2021.

There has been executive turmoil since the departure of co-founder Jack Dorsey in November, with a new CEO Barack Agarwal stepping down on Twitter, whose initial steps included internal restructuring. There have been no major changes on Twitter, which, despite its external influence due to the posters of top celebrities and politicians and the dedicated platform of journalists, has fewer users than social media competitors such as Facebook and Dictoc. Musk is a huge user with over 81 million followers.

Dorsey, who is still a key partner, did not say what he thinks of Musk’s offer.

Twitter has only stated that it will look into the offer. A spokesman declined to comment on whether the board would put up a defense against the so-called “poison pill”.

How can Musk remake Twitter?

It is difficult to know about musk, and even trying to play with this assumption can take man very seriously. He says he will re-measure content rating by saying that Twitter does not meet its potential to be a “platform for free speech”. But he has called on the company to block spam accounts, which signifies greater restraint.

He proposed dropping ads from the service — how ads make Twitter money — and turning its San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter. He also seems to recognize the button to edit tweets.

What concerns does Musk have as Twitter owner?

Social media companies struggle to control misinformation and hate speech. Musk, whose tweets lead online bullies to concentrate his critics online, is not interested in content evaluation.

“If Muskin’s acquisition succeeds, regulators around the world will face potential speech implications,” said Rachel Foster-Jones, a GlobalData analyst. “Musk is clearly active in promoting freedom of speech in the interests of democracy, but the line between freedom of speech and hate speech or misinformation is becoming increasingly muddy, and efforts to change Twitter may not be able to easily control these issues.”

In his conversation with Anderson, Musk said, “Twitter is bound by the laws of the country in which it operates, so obviously there are some restrictions on freedom of speech in the United States. Of course, Twitter must be bound by those rules.” But he said it was “very dangerous” for “tweets to be mysteriously advertised and downgraded” and to have a “black box mechanism”.

What happens next?

Third Bridge Technology, Media and Telecommunications Analyst Scott Kessler said Twitter could hire bankers and consultants to review the deal. And other buyers may come out. “If strategic and / or financial buyers are interested in Twitter, they should get involved now.”

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