‘Myanmar’s Polygonal Crisis Has Dramatically Deepened and Spread’ TOU

‘Myanmar’s Polygonal Crisis Has Dramatically Deepened and Spread’

‘Myanmar’s Polygonal Crisis Has Dramatically Deepened and Spread’

Noelin Heiser said that since he took over this responsibility six months ago, the country has been sinking into a serious and widespread conflict.

He noted that Myanmar is already one of the largest refugee disasters in the world, and that the multilateral crisis there has displaced nearly one million people within the country, with serious regional and international consequences.

About one million Rohingya, mainly Muslims, are living in refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh, and millions more are scattered throughout the region.

A desperate generation

The crisis has resulted in the collapse of the country’s institutions, and disruption of social and economic structures – including health, education, banking, food security and employment – while criminal and illegal activities have increased.

And during the last five years, the number of people living in poverty has doubled to more than half of the total population of the country.

The Special Envoy said, “Today, about 14.4 million people, or about a quarter of the country’s total population, are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.”

Also, Covid-19 Following the epidemic and political crisis, the number of students enrolled in schools has dropped by 80 per cent in the last two years, and about 78 lakh children have dropped out of school.

He warned, “The generation that benefited from the democratic change is now disillusioned, this generation is going through serious difficulties and it is sad, as many people think they have to take up arms now. There is no other choice. ”

Conflict is a normal situation

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Unsplash / Pyae Sone Htun

Mass demonstrations against the military coup in Myanmar

As military violence and mistrust continue to deepen, including violence against peaceful protesters, armed conflict has become commonplace for all citizens.

The Special Envoy said, “The military continues to use excessive force, increasing its attacks on civilians and intensifying its operations against opposition forces, including air strikes. “

“Civil buildings and villages have been destroyed in the fire and displaced populations have also been attacked within the country.”

Meanwhile, there have been reports that about 600 armed rebel groups, or ‘Lok Raksha Bal’, have become active in the fight, some of which are targeting and killing people who are considered pro-military.

The feeling of being left helpless

Noelin Heiser stated that she was working closely with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASIAN) in an effort to reduce tensions and conflicts.

However, he noted that due to ongoing differences at the regional level and even more so between the member states of the United Nations, the people of Myanmar feel that they have been left helpless in this hour of need.

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A girl in Myanmar whose education was disrupted by the Kovid-19 epidemic.
© UNICEF / Minzayar Oo

A girl in Myanmar whose education was disrupted by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Remembering Rohingya

Instability and conflict have increased the risk for vulnerable communities, including the Rohingya.

The Special Envoy has developed a multi-pronged strategy that addresses humanitarian and conservation needs. Also included is the return of civilian rule, effective and democratic governance, and a lasting solution to the Rohingya issue.

Note that most Rohingyas arrived in Bangladesh in 2017 to escape the violent persecution of government forces. The then head of human rights at the United Nations called the case an “excellent example of racial cleansing.”

“Sustainable solutions for the Rohingya people must be contained in the framework of a peaceful, inclusive and democratic Myanmar,” said Noelin Heiser.

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