‘My mom was ugly, my dad is ugly,’ presents the new phase of the comedy stand-up

‘My mom was ugly, my dad is ugly,’ presents the new phase of the comedy stand-up

‘My mom was ugly, my dad is ugly,’ presents the new phase of the comedy stand-up

You must have heard this saying “Laughter is the best medicine”. It is said that making someone laugh is one of the hardest jobs in the world and this is where the role of all comedians becomes very important. But does comedy mean that under cover of it one becomes free to say anything? Does the comedic name give you the freedom to poke fun at someone’s religion or faith and even humiliate your own parents on a public platform? In this article, we will talk about the new phase of stand-up comedy that has come from poking fun at people’s beliefs to defaming the country and now calling parents evil.

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parents insulted in the name of comedy

In fact, these days, a video is going viral on social media where a stand-up comedian is seen using words like ugly and filthy for her own parents. In the video, she says, “I will never marry my mother’s wish. Because I see my father every day. What a bad choice from my mother, very stupid. Wall of hair on their ears Oho, too much dirt….

You would think that in the name of comedy, a girl can humiliate her parents like that. India is a country where parents have god status, but is it fair that these comedians of yesteryear use such low words for their parents on a public platform? Think of the parents who nurture us and make us so great. He makes countless sacrifices and efforts for our better future and while kids start disrespecting him on the public platform just for his comedy. The big problem is that here people were laughing loudly and cheering at his cheap joke.

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Falling stand up comedy standards

Although a sense of humor has always been a part of our country, but if we see today, some comedians in our country try to copy foreign humor and sometimes insult their own culture, sometimes sarcasm on the social issues of the country. But now it goes beyond the bounds because now these comedians do not even hesitate to insult their own parents in the name of comedy. Looks like it’s a new phase of stand-up comedians.

But it’s not just the actors who are at fault here. To some extent, this error is also that of the public who look at it and laugh at this vulgarity.

If you watch most of the shows by these so-called comedians carefully, you’ll find less comedy and good jokes and more abuse. Today’s comedy has changed into this. There was a time when there were actually a lot of comedians who made us laugh without swearing or obscenities. But today, in the name of comedy, such jokes will be told, which have no connection with reality and are also full of agenda.

These people do not shy away from hurting someone’s religion and faith under the guise of comedy and tarnishing the image of their own country in front of other countries. You must have encountered many examples of this. You might remember a poem called “Two Indias” by a stand-up comedian Vir Das, which he recited on a stand-up comedy show in America and there was a lot of controversy about it topic. In this he said- “I come from an India where we worship women during the day and collectively fiddle at night.” With this, how did he try to show the image of India? Anyone who hears this will begin to believe that rape is a daily occurrence in India. After all, why shouldn’t he believe that, being an Indian saying that.

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Comedy less, vulgarity and drool more

If seen, today’s comedians have stuffed obscenity and vulgarity into comedy. What started as movers and shakers, this comedy is falling apart today as it is limited to satirizing social issues, gender discrimination, parents, and more. I don’t know where the humor went from this. If seen in the true sense of the word, we come from this India, where comedians like Raju Srivastava were born. Unfortunately, today he is not among us. We must carry forward and save this legacy of Raju Srivastava, where he needed neither the crutch of politics nor obscenity nor insulting anyone for content that made people laugh .

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‘My mom was ugly, my dad is ugly,’ presents the new phase of the comedy stand-up

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