Musk says he is ‘not sure’ if his Twitter buyout attempt will succeed TOU

Musk says he is ‘not sure’ if his Twitter buyout attempt will succeed


Musk says he is ‘not sure’ if his Twitter buyout attempt will succeed

Elon Musk admitted that his attempt to buy Twitter might fail, but said he had “Plan B”.

Tesla chairman Elon Musk on Thursday said he was not sure his $ 43 billion attempt to buy Twitter would succeed, but insisted he had “Plan B” in case of failure.

In the first comments he made after the shock offer was made public, Musk underestimated his concern over money, although it was not easy to raise funds for all cash offers of this size.

The world’s richest man has to split some of his Tesla stockpile, and if his offer gets board support – this is not a guarantee.

At a conference in Canada, Musk said on Twitter, “I do not really know if I can get it.” “I can technically buy it,” he said, noting that money was not the primary issue.

Musk admitted that he had “Plan B” if his offer failed, but refused to describe it when pressed.

“Another time, I think,” said the millionaire.

Musk submitted the proposal to U.S. officials, who offered an idea of ​​what he would do if rejected: “My offer is my best and ultimate offer. If it is not accepted, I must reconsider my position as a partner.”

Musk revealed last week that it had acquired 73.5 million shares, or 9.2 percent, of Twitter’s public shares, triggering a roller-coaster of events, including refusing to join the company’s board.

In his comments on Thursday, Musk reiterated his statements on Twitter that the aim of his effort was to improve freedom of speech.

“This is not a way to make money,” he said.

“My strong instinct is that having a public platform that is as reliable and widely covered as possible is very important for the future of civilization. I do not care a bit about the economy,” he added.

The series’ entrepreneurial endeavors include switching to electric vehicles through its automaker Tesla, private space exploration and the integration of computers into the brain.

However, his behavior raised eyebrows, provoked laughter, and sometimes drew condemnation or lawsuits.

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