move to another office or leave the company

(Bloomberg) — International Business Machines Corp. gave a companywide ultimatum to managers who are still working remotely: move to an office or leave the company.

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All U.S. managers will be required to report to an office or client location at least three days a week immediately “regardless of the current location of the work location,” according to a memo sent Jan. 16 seen by Bloomberg. The badge-in data will be used to “assess individual presence” and shared with managers and human resources, senior vice president John Granger wrote in the note.

According to the memo, except for employees with exceptions such as medical issues or military service, people working remotely who do not live close enough to a facility to commute will have to relocate to an IBM office by the beginning of August. . That typically means within 50 miles (80 kilometers), according to a person familiar with the rule who asked not to be identified due to corporate policy.

Managers who do not agree to relocate and are unable to secure a role accepted for being remote should “separate from IBM,” Granger wrote.

A company spokesperson said, “IBM is focused on providing a work environment that balances flexibility with face-to-face interaction that makes us more productive, innovative, and better able to serve our customers.” “Consistent with that approach, we are requiring executives and people managers in the United States to be in the office at least three days per week.”

Chief Executive Office Arvind Krishna has long touted the importance of individual work. In an interview with Bloomberg in May 2023, Krishna said that promotions would be rare for those who are not on-site. Some teams within IBM had already established office attendance requirements. A November memorandum stated…

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