Move over, Phil. In this North Carolina town, an armadillo predicts the weather. Here’s what she says.

Sorry, Punxsutawney Phil, but this Triangle town is turning its attention to another beloved animal that presumably possesses psychic weather powers.

Sylvia, the furry armadillo, emerged from her burrow on Friday to greet enthusiastic students and teachers at Olive Chapel Primary School in Apex.

She was chosen four years ago to be the city’s prognosticator simply because they do things differently in the city known as “The Peak,” Mayor Jacques Gilbert said.

“It’s Armadillo Day at Apex,” Gilbert told the excited students. “At the Pic, do we want to trust a marmot? We chose our own animal.

Gilbert held Sylvia up to the sky while the intro to the song “The Circle of Life” played in the background to find her shadow.

To the dismay of the children who were hoping for a snowy day, the armadillo’s shadow was hidden, a sign “that spring is almost here,” Gilbert shouted.

The students applauded.

Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert holds up an armadillo named “Silvia” after predicting an early spring according to Gilbert on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2024, at Olive Chapel Elementary School in Apex.

Why trust an armadillo?

Some Apex residents would answer this question: “Why trust a groundhog?” »

Four years ago, the armadillo was chosen by Animal Edventures Sanctuary in Coats, after groundhogs were no longer available for ceremonies.

The number of Groundhog Day prognosticators in North Carolina has declined in recent years.

Now only Sylvia the Armadillo and Snerd the Groundhog in Garner remain the weather gurus.

Snerd was scheduled to give his prediction at noon Friday.

Gilbert selects different schools to host Armadillo Day at Apex. Principal Erin May and Assistant Principal Jared Boyce were “over the moon” when Olive Chapel Elementary was chosen as this year’s school.

Schoolchildren cheer after an armadillo named “Silvia” predicted an early spring according to Apex Mayor Jacques Gilbert on Groundhog Day, February 2, 2024, at Olive Chapel Elementary School in…

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