Missile Defense Interceptor Competition Enters Critical Design Phase

The two teams competing to develop a new National Missile Defense Interceptor for the Missile Defense Agency have entered the critical design phase, with Northrop Grumman announcing it has passed its preliminary design review, according to a Jan. 31 news release.

THE teams competing to replace Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) interceptors with a Next Generation Interceptor, or NGI, worked staggered hours. The Lockheed Martin and Aerojet Rocketdyne team completed their PDR in late September 2023.

Northrop and its partner Raytheon went through the same challenge on January 26, Lisa Brown, in charge of marketing for the company. I am a programtold Defense News in a Jan. 30 interview.

The teams are now a year ahead of schedule initial contract date for completion of the PDR and Brown said his PDR was successfully completed one month ahead of an established expedited plan.

The critical design review is now expected to last approximately one year. Brown said the team expects to reach that milestone in the spring of 2025 and Ilooking for ways to accelerate the schedule.

Because the the program has reached milestones earlier than originally planned and because of the emphasis on digital design methods, the two teams hope to be able to deliver an interceptor that could penetrate underground silos by fiscal year 2027, a year faster than previously planned. Missile Defense Agency.

There are 44 GBIs in the ground, the majority in silos at Fort Greely, Alaska, and the remainder at Vandenberg Space Base, California. Current interceptors are not equipped to counter a missile that could contain multiple kill vehicles or decoys that complicate the defeat process, defense officials said.

NGI is the result of the Pentagon canceling its Redesigned Kill Vehicle program in August 2019 – which would have improved the GBI to allow it to pursue more complex threats. This program isgrappling with insurmountable technical problems leading to schedule delays and cost increases….

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